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Nana89 said:
knittingismyhobby said:
I am new to knitting and a neighbor just gave me her left over pieces of yarn to learn with. I think some are big enough to make baby items with, however most of the yarn is very fine (fingering?). Any suggestions of things I could make using fine yarn? I am interested in baby things so I can donate them to charities. I love Knitting Paradise as I am learning so much and am amazed at the help people are willing to share with others. Looking forward to your response. Thanks.
Maybe fingering yarn its too thin for you right now--usually using a 4 ply makes it easier to hold on the needles and easier to accomplish something with--BUt whatever yarn you use--remember that only God can create something perfect so have fun, and Good Luck
I agree. But I know there is a 'table' out in the internet world that I believe says, If you double fingering yarn (hold 2 strands from 2 balls together through out the pattern, it is equaled to a worsted weight. If you find a pattern for worsted weight and you only have the thin yarn on hand, you can hold 2 strands together thus giving you a worsted weight equivalent. Good luck, hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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