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The cap. I was looking at the sweater and wondering what you were on about! You are doing the cap!

Supposedly, the cables and the decreases don't interfere with one another; the cables seem to go right up to the end.

Patterns rarely have all the rows written out in full. When you're new to knitting (and sometimes even when you've decades of experience at it! ;) ), it helps to write out the 'missing' rows.
Pattern said:
43rd Round. Keeping cable pattern even and working cable twist on every 14th round, decrease as follows: * P 2, K 4, P 2, sl 1 as if to K, K 1, pass slip stitch over knit stitch (p.s.s.o.), K 11, sl next st over last K st, repeat from * all around.

44th and every alternate Round. K all around.

Repeat last 2 rounds, working in above manner having 2 sts less in each section between cables until 50 sts remain on needles.

Next Round. * P 2, K 4, P 2, K 2 together (tog), repeat from * all around.

Next Round. Work cable twist round.

Next Round. * K 2 tog, K 1, repeat from * all around, cut yarn leaving a length long enough to draw through remaining sts, fasten securely.
If I were you, I'd write out each row between the 44th and when you'll be down to 50 stitches total.

Sorry, I'm too lazy/tired to bother doing the math for you.
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