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Help with knitted lace

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I want to start learnning how to make knitted lace & the book pattern saya to use worsted-weight wool. Can I use crochet cotton instead of the wool?
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I wouldn't start with a yarn that fine. As a beginner, I would suggest a worsted weight to practice the chart, and then once you get the techniques and feel comfortable with the look of your lace you can move onto a smaller guage and weight yarn. Good luck!
yes, I have done knitted lace in worsted, but only as a practice piece; however, I think worsted would make a tremendously stunning shawl for winter in the upper midwest.
I have done it with two needles only. Be sure your eyes are rested because the charts are small. Making larger copies will be tremendously helpful. And, making little notations on the side will also help as lace repeats over ane over and over. About the time you complete an item you will probably have the chart memorized. Have fun!
Wonderful idea! This is new to me but would have come in handy several rip-outs previously.
1 - 4 of 89 Posts
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