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Help with knitted lace

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I want to start learnning how to make knitted lace & the book pattern saya to use worsted-weight wool. Can I use crochet cotton instead of the wool?
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I would not substitute crochet cotton for worsted weight yarn,especially when the pattern calls for a certain wieght,it's usually because the gague for the design calls for it.
I'm surprised the pattern calls for that weight for a lace design,usually lace patterns call for a fingering weight,or lace weight. There are so many beautiful lace patterns for sweaters etc.
Be prepared however, for a whole new type of knitting experience. Lace designs depend on using a chart and careful attention is needed to keep the pattern correct.
that would be a good idea for practice pieces. you will be able to see the design much easier with heavier yarn,and it would go much quicker.
1 - 2 of 89 Posts
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