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Hi from Marblehead, MA

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I'm new on this site. Not new to knitting, but haven't done much lately. I've been working on the same cardigan sweater for the last 2 years and am finally on the last sleeve. I dread the putting together and finishing stages. Any hints?
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i add 2 extra stitches and work in the round on circular needles
Slipping that first stitch (as if to purl) creates a neater selvage edge in which to later seam - somthing like that. Also, toss on both sleeves onto one needle (two skeins of yarn) and this will help get the project done quicker and more assure that both sleeves are worked the same.

Tossing on both booties, two needle sock, etc., works well and one doesn't suffer from the 'unfinished booties' syndrome. LOL!!

Other than the above, keep your eyes on you prize with all that knitting and work when well fed, rested then with few distractions. Rather than work in the evening when you'd be more tired, try your seaming right after lunch, perhaps.

Merry Xmas and welcome from NSW Australia :thumbup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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