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Hi from New Zealand

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hello my name is lyn and I am 56 years old, mum to 14, nanny to 10 with one due this year. I am married to Dave who is a secuirty officer, and I am just trying to start my own jewellery and home made products business. I am a medium/cliarvoyant/palm reader and love what i do. especially creating unususal items. Ive knitted for years having been taught by my beautiful mother in law (in spirit) so now am looking for knitted jersery patterns for teddy bears lol. youd think Id have enough with knitting for so many grandchildren lol. Anyway looking forward to meeting you all.
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Hi Lynn Welcome

I was wondering do you do your spiritual stuff for fun or professionally? I am always amazed at someone with your talents. How have you found the time to create with 14 children to raise? I'm totally in awe.

Good luck finding your patterns.

Welcome Lynn, from Bernice in Kingston, Canada.
Welcome to the forum Lyn - we are near neighbours I am in Western Australia, enjoy the fun and information here
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