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Hi from Ohio

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Hello everyone! Been a member a few weeks but now that I need some help I guess I should first introduce myself to pay proper respect to this forum. I used to run a fan forum a few years back for a singer who shall remain nameless, and I remember how aggravating it became for all of the admins when time after time newbies would just come on to main pages and start blah blah blah and questions etc. who had obviously not taken the time to read our intro, introduced themselves, and generally ignored all requested protocol of the forum. You take the time to create a great gathering place, it's nice when people use it the way you designed it to be used. Therefore, thanks to the owner/admins. I'll do my best to post properly and stay on topic . :)

Sooo... HIYA! Me: Lisandra, central Ohio, mid-40s. Mom taught me to knit and crochet when I was 10ish...rediscovered the tranquility a few years ago after she handed down all her paraphernalia to me. Not proficient by any means, but enjoy it immensely. It appeals to my incessant need to create and slight OCD behavior. I canNOT sit still doing nothing, ever (it's like torture), so it has become my much needed 'downtime' in the evenings. This is a really nice site and I enjoy the daily emails with links to all the new topics and posts. Many of you do absolutely beautiful work! I look forward to becoming more a part of this community as time permits. :thumbup:
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Welcome....from Rae in North Carolina :p
Welcome from Capva in Va.

You will definitely enjoy this forum. Lots of friendly and helpful people from all over.
Hi lisandra, Welcome from michigan. I'm kinda like you in a couple respects. I have a hard time sittineg still, watching tv is alright. I usually had something in my hands doing it. I also was taught around 10ish to knit and crochet, I didn't pick it back up thu till I was almost 50. THen about 5 years ago I got all moms stuff also. Know I have a hard time putting it down.
well got to go have a nice evening. barb
welcome, E.Central Ohio here~~
I must have OCD too-- as have to be doing something w/ my hands if I am
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