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I've lived in Connecticut for almost 9 years, prior to this I lived 45 years between Scotland :) and England :-( I enjoy letting people think their is little friendship between the Countries of Britain, but in truth England is not such a bad place I do have three wonderful English children and my first grandaughter will be born on Feb 13th in England.

I have been knitting for almost 50 years and have knitted for Hayfield in London back in the early 80's, also Phildar was about that same time and Filatura di Crosa was more towards the mid 80's. (My mum taught me to knit, and on telling her how thrilled I was to be working for Hayfield - she said, without stopping for a breath, "You never finished anything in your life."

I didn't have a very nice childhood and knitting was my only saviour. It kept me sane and out of trouble, well at least some of the time. I have Bipolar Disorder and often when I am having a hard time - my knitting has bailed me out.

Since coming to Norwich I have taught classes, I have designed many projects for Coats and Clark and recently completed three new projects for Cascade Yarns. I have many other irons in the fire - if only I can focus myself and achieve at least some of my goals.
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