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Hi, I am Carol

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I have recently learned how to knit few years ago. I decided to teach myself and fell in love with it. I have 2 girls-ages 11 and 15. I am also a band mom. I guess I have a lot more kids in that area-a lot of them call me "Momma". I just learned how to knit hats. I have been doing a lot of those for my girls and their friends. I do want to learn how to knit socks. Oh, I am also a "yarnoholic"!!
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Hi Carol,
you're a busy mom. Can you knit with 4 needles.first learn that, then learn to trust the pattern when you reach the heel. The heel flap is knitted separately on one needle then turn using a short row next you pick up stitche on each side as you go back to knitting in the round,decreases are made every other row until you reach the previous number of stitches. work straight or in pattern until near the correc size, then decrease for the toe leave called for stiches ready for the kitchner. At that point go to you tube look for a tutorial on it and finish it up. use a woolnylon combination and they should wear well. they are very comfortable and addicting. have fun and Good luck! Kaju

I can knit with the 4 double pointed needles. It is the heel section that I sort of get lost with.
I think i just need to try one. I might be easier than I am thinking it is. Just like cables. I was nervous about trying a cable until i finally did it. I could not believe how easy it was.
do the heel flap on one needle, work the short rows to turn the heel, then pick up the sttches start on the left side, knit across the instep thenpick the left side. I never worry if i need to pic up an extrstitch to prevent a hole i just decrease it later. It's kind of like an act of faithbelieve in yourself and your paattern. Go for it,You CAN do it:)Kaju
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