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HI, I'm Johnna from KY.

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I can knit and purl but that's about it, should I be nuts to think that I could knit a Prayer shawl?
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A Prayer Shawl would be a great first place to start...If you get stuck & are a visual learner like myself, youtube would be a good place to look at the Tutorials.
Good Luck
Great idea, I love YouTube!
Johnna...just remember, it is one stitch at a time...we tend to look at the finished product and get discouraged....but if we look at it one stitch at a time, it is so much more doable...enjoy...
Thank you for that, it's true, I looked at prayer shawls and thought, "No way", then I watched some tutorials on knitting techniques on YouTube. I can knit and purl and now I can dec and inc!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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