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Hi! I'm Linda

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:D I'm new here. I'm disabled and spend most of my day knitting for charity or family. I'm self taught and didn't know it but I knit continental! I learned to crochet first and holding the yarn in the other hand and throwing the yarn felt too strange.
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welcome! that's exactly the first question i ask someone when the ask if i can teach them to you crotchet? if so, i teach them the 'continental' or 'pick''s just a step away from a matter of fact, i bind off with the knitting in my left hand and a similar (or one size larger) crotchet hook in my right hand...faster, easier and much nicer looking bind off.....i keep the correct crotchet hook in with the matching size needles for convenience....but if looking for the right size....8 and A (they sound alike) are the same....count up or down to get another hook size to match your knitting courtesy of Knitty Gritty cable show...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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