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Hi - I'm still interested and looking for knit & crochet Raggedy Ann & Andy Doll Patterns

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Does anybody have any Raggedy Ann & Andy crochet/knit patterns they would like to share? Let me know if you do and maybe we can do some swaps. Thanks. Lorraine
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You could try googling for them or Pm Crafty bear she's amazing at finding links.

Hi, I'm new to this site ! has a knit pattern for Raggety Ann & Andy . Her designs are adorable !

I have patterns for doing machine knitted Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls. Would this help you?
Hi - that would be great. I'd love that pattern of raggedy ann & andy machine knit. Thanks. you can send it to [email protected] Thanks so much. Lorraine
Thanks for your help in finding the doll on debibirkin site. I had that one already. Thanks again. Lorraine
Try this one: if you select "Critters or basic" You can make cloths for barbie, AG, animals really cool
HI - I would be very much in getting a copy of the machine knit raggedy ann and andy doll pattern. Thank you so much. Lorraine Flood My e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks again
Hi - I'm still interested in getting a copy of the machine knitting raggedy ann and andy patterns. My e-mail address is [email protected] Thank you so much. Those would be great. Lorraine Flood
hi, i'm new to this site, does anyone have the raggedy ann dolls knitting patterns (by hand) please. thanks in advance x
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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