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Hi, I'm Yvette from PDX, OR.

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I'm basically starting from scratch. My entire knitting background is working on an unfinished project from middle school (so MANY years ago..). Right now I don't have any needles, yarn, etc.

What I'm interested in is cruelty-free wool and making felted knit purses/hobo bags (possibly knobby/seed textured, with only shrinking (to retain the knobby texture] and so not really true felting?)!!!

Cruelty-free wool definitely seems hard to find---does anyone know easy/affordable ways to get it???

For now, I really like the idea of a knitting machine. I'm not ready to take the plunge right now, but I'm yet intrigued by them. Does anyone have feedback on what is affordable/sturdy/for beginners?? Where to buy, etc.?

Does anyone know if it's possible to knit boucle leg warmers???

Also, how easy/hard is it to see a picture of something knitted and then be able to re-create it by guessing???

Thanks all, for reading this post and considering my numerous newbie questions!!! Happy knitting to all! :)
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I would knit something simple like a scarf just to get back in practice. I have just come back to knitting myself, but have done many projects in the past. Baby sweaters, shawls, slippers, booties hats.I have been thinking about knitting baby leg warmers too. I think they would be pretty easy. Just knit in rib stich for an inch or so on smaller needles, then switch to next size needles and stockinette stich to the length you want then switch to the smaller needles again and end with rib stich. Then sew up the back. You could also do it in the round on double pointed needles and not have to stich up the back.
Hi Moody Mama!

Thanks so much for your detailed and speedy reply. I was asking about "boucle" legwarmers instead of baby legwarmers though.

But I read what you wrote about the baby legwarmers anyway and I believe I understood/learned from them---my first attempt to understand "knittingese," and I'm pleased to say that I think I understood! What you said about the rib-knitting, etc. makes total sense to me and so I think it can be applied to boucle legwarmers, too.

But now that you put the idea of baby legwarmers out there on the internet....I'm sure that you've started a new trend!! Babies feet grow so fast, so it's hard to know the right size they need all the time---but one size fits all with legwarmers!! And the creative possibilities are just endless!!!

Thanks so much for responding, I really appreciate it!!
Merry Xmas and welcome from NSW Australia :thumbup:
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