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Hi, new to site, looking for knitted poncho pattern

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Hi! I have been knitting for nearly 30 years and love to make sweaters but don't have any patterns for a winter-ish poncho. I can find all sorts of crochet patterns and lacy knits but I want something to make with bulky weight. Any thoughts?
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If you are looking for simple: this is an easy one:
just scroll down and there is a pdf on the right under patterns
You may have to register....but I like this one!
Hi Kristen, there's a great book that's all knitted ponchos, it's called 'Viva Poncho' and has something for every skill level. I'm a beginning knitter and successfully made three of the designs right before Christmas. You can find the book at Amazon or try by ebay - that's where I got my copy. Definitely a great book!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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