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hi!(please read!!!!!!)

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hi! my name is Hannah. i love to write, read, & draw. & i'm not very good at knitting, but i like it. any suggestions? (i mean on knitting.)


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Welcome, Hannah. We all had to start at the beginning. If you know you already enjoy it, you are sure to be on your way. I started with just knitting a few dish clothes to practice the basic stitches. Moved to scarfs, hats, mittens, etc. I started with the basic straight needles and progressed to DPNs and circulars. Still only intermediate, but enjoying it more and more as I know you will.
Hi Hannah,
Beautiful Dog...! Waving from Ohio....Welcome!!
go to utube watch the videos from mikey vere clear easy to understand
Beautiful dog Hannah. :) I have 2 chi's. One 4 1/2 and 3 yrs.
As far as being good at just takes practice. You'll get the hang of it. :)

youtube has many good videos for the beginner, here is one i think is clear but you do need to see several to determine who is the best teacher for you....

when using youtube, there is a square with a name above the lefthand corner of the viewing screen...that is the name of the person who did the to that is a square saying '20 videos' or '100 videos'...whatever....that is the how many that person has contributed to youtube...

when you find the demonstrator that you like, click on that square and all their other videos will appear so that you can explore his/her other lessons...

get yourself two different sets of needles (10 or 10 1/2) so they're big enough to see the yarn well...the two sets are so that you can have two different colors....

i teach kids with red and anything else...R for red, R for right hand, R for right side of the mostly, we cast onto the other color needle...that is how we teach them to know where they are when they put their work down for 2 hours or 2 weeks...

now you have two sets and didn't want to buy more than you have to....give one to a friend, or share costs, or ask to borrow someone else's in the same size, most knitters have multiples of lots of things....we spend so much time knitting that we occasionally forget where the size 8s are...and we're obsessive and want to knit NOW, so we go buy another pair...

one other thing....start with a light color yarn for your first few projects, just a help to see on the needles, likewise, don't buy light colored needles right now...a little contrast really're gonna want to start with scarves or shawls and you can't have too many colors of those anyway....

good luck, have fun...don't let it become work....
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Welcome Hannah. The knitters above have given excellent information. I can only add - enjoy knitting, have fun with it and don't be afraid to try new things. ~ Grace
I hope you are not the golden on the stairs, cuz you really need hands to knit!!:) (your puppy is gorgeous! I have a border collie/lab mix, who is as sweet as pie. she is a semi retired service dog-i am in a wheelchair-but i can't seem to teach her to keep track of stitches for me!)
anyhoo- along with all of the other wonderful advice that has been posted; I would like to remind you to relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the journey. it is the process, not the product. it just requires lots and lots and lots of repetition. a child doesn't learn how to walk in a day, and you won't be knitting a sweater tomorrow; but i bet it will be sooner than you think!
keep breathing and have fun.
blessings from southern oregon, serenity
Knitting is very relaxing as long as you knit patterns that are simple like scarves, hats, washcloths, and even afghans. It all depends on the type of stitch required. Knitting and purling are the building blocks. Once you have make a number of the simple items you can move on but if you just want to relax and knit - you can just stick with simple knitting forever.
Patterns do not need to be complicated for an item to turn out lovely. I started knitting about 10 years ago and even though I do knit all kinds of things, I still lean towards the easier patterns so that I don't get stressed out while knitting.
I notice that you like to draw - well, I am no artist but I sure would like to learn how to color items with colored pencils and/or watercolor pencils. If you have an idea as to where I should start, please pass it on.
Also, if you need some simple but cute patterns, just let me know.
There's a terrific site at that has clear instructional videos showing how to do just about any technique, both in English and Continental style. It also has links to free patterns.
Hi, Hannah -

After you learn the stitches and practice, there will be a point where knitting will not be frustrating, but relaxing instead. I forget how many months it took for me to make that transition... a few at least. I was not able to learn from a book so I signed up for classes. Now, there is the you tube. There are a lot of helpful videos for beginners there.

Anyhow, I have been knitting only a year and already can make things like hats and mittens. I also make "play food" for the kids (donuts, carrots, etc.). So, it probably won't take as long as you might have thought to enjoy knitting. I wish you the very best with your endeavors!

Take care

Hey Hannah, glad your here with us. Sorry I don't have a Dog just a Cat. Yours is beautiful! I don't know how to Knit with the Needles. My Mom tried to teach me when I was about 14 or 15 yreas old. But me and the two Needles never got along. LOL
I did start Crocheting and can do that. But only the Afghans which I love. But, at the end of last year I was in Walmart and got stopped right in my tracks and was looking at the "Knifty Knitter Looms". I bought the Long Looms and later the Round Looms. Now I can say, "Look Mom I'm Knitting". LOL I just love them and I've been going to town. Yesterday I learned how to make Adult Slippers (Booties) I call them. You might want to try the Looms and see what it's about. I've made 16 Adult Hats, 4 Baby Hat's, 3 sets of Baby Booties, 2 Neck Pillows, 1 Rug, 3 Flat Scarves, 3 Tube Scarves, 2 Afghans and now the Adult Booties. I've learned on my own with books I've bought and they hepled me. I got my sisters boyfriend HOOKED on the Looms and he's going to town also! Know matter what you do just enjoy it. The more you do the better you get! Have Fun! cabin from Michigan
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i think you should keep trying i think that it is verry kool that people make those out of string .............keep trying!!!:)
Keep at it hon. The heck with the mistakes on some items. The idea is to get the 'feel' of knitting & in a short time you will love it.
does any one know how to use a loom i just bought one the directions do not help!!
Welcome Hanna,
Everyone's suggestions are excellent but one very good one is missing. Find a knitting circle, even if you have to form one. Do you have a local shop? Do they have social knitting times? You will only be a stranger for 30 minutes so go join one. Have a neighbor or a friend who likes to knit or wants to learn? Meet once a week at the local library or Starbucks and knit together. Some of your best learning will happen with other knitters!
I live out in the boon docks and have to travel 1 hour to my local shop and knitting buddies but once a week it is worth it.
What kind of loom, Jaida? I weave on several types.
Round or long loom? Try the book Loom Knitting Primer by Isela Phelps. I have 4 different size round ones a 28 inch long wooden one from the web site They have how to dvds that come with the looms. I also have an adjustible one for socks.
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