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Hi There from South Carolina

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I have been crocheting a number of years but just learned to read a pattern a few years ago. I am struggeling with trying to knit. I managed a few dishclothes but had missed stitches and split yarn, so disappointed in myself..... I am in a group we created at church called the HAPPY STITCHERS. We make scarves for soldiers, lap covers for nursing home and shawls for folks who are having a really difficult time. Of course everything I do is crocheted and I watch the knitters and keep thinking one day I will be able to do that. I love crocheting, do it everyday but I think knitted fabrics are just beautiful. I welcome any advice you can give me to accomplish my goal and look forward to getting to know you.


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Thanks for sharing the picture! You'll love this site.

Hello, I am a crocheter and have just started knitting myself and have split yarn as you described. What is your tension? Try knitting a little more loosely and the needle will slide along the yarn without splitting. Also, the splitting may be due to the yarn you used. Try another kind.
Good luck! Lois
Hi I am new here too. I am a self taught knitter. Gosh I love the beautiful lace things the crocheters make. Use the worsted weight yarn until you get the hang of slipping it from one needle to the other. The fancier yarns are more difficult. I have heard the wooden needles are good to learn on. Try to relax and not let the stitches get tight. Especially that first row. Trust nobody likes the first row. Good luck and what a beautiful baby.
Welcome from South Carolina I am also from South Carollina
Welcome and cute photo. I dropped a lot of stitches when I started. After purchasing several knitting books I learned how to find them. If you are new to knitting using a color that is easy to see the stitches will help you find a lost one. There is a website called youtube that has a lot of helpful videos. Whenever I didn't know how to do a stitch I went there to see how it was done. There was one stitch that said k1,p1,k1 in the same stitch. If it wasn't for youtube I wouldn't have learned how to do it.
Hi, where in South Carolina are you? I have family in Columbia and Lexington, perhaps I can help. Phyllis
I am in Greenville, SC. Thanks for all the welcomes.
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