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Hi this is Peachy here & I would like to ask for your help & prayers

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I am a newbe.
I would like to ask everyone or anyone for some help.I have a friend who just found out that their daughter 29 has ovarian cancer.She was fine a week agao & with a blink of the eye her life changed. Debra had a tumor the size of a grapefruit & last week had a total hysterectomy.She has the type of cancer after going to Boston that they have seen only in (3) pepole all over the world.She went for a pet scan yesterday & they found (7) new tumors all different types of cancer.She has two small children,a husband on crutches who fell off the roof cleaning snow off & crushed his heal,two days ago his mother had a major heart attack & is dieing.I think she has enough on her plate.I am asking if anyone out their can help me out knitting or crocheting some hats ,scarf or shall for debra.THis is so she will look pretty at least to her small kids never mind herself.I also ask for prayers & pass it along.She starts chemo today & Of course her hair is going tto fall out.If you can believe this on top of it (4) years ago they were on vacation in New Hampshire & her first husband walked in the door for a soda & dropped dead on the floor from a heart defect.I think she has had more then her share.Life is helping & being kind to others no matter if we know them or not.I would knit all night if I could but I am a beginer.Thank you all fr your time n this matter & again any help would greatly be appreciated.By the way she is not a ver big [email protected]
Fondly in friendship,peachyging/Ginger :-(
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I'm willing to knit a prayer shawl for your friend. If you want I can also put her and her family on our church prayer chain. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected]
You are such a joy to me for her.Thank, you thank you, thank you.You have no idea how much Iappreciate this for her.Her dad is(72)he is having a terrible timeThey are all such a wonderful family.Her husband is a basket case with his mm dieing and most likely his wife.DEbra is growing tumors so rapidlly the Boston doc's can't believe there eyes.They had no choice they started chemo yesterday.She had to have (4) different kinds.Two she had a reaction,they gave her something & in an hour she resumed at a slower drip.She has to be in at 7am & as of 8pm last night she was still there at Mg hospital.
Please and thank you yes please put the Traghella family on the list they are all falling apart.She has a 4year old and a 7 year old that just turned 7 two days ago.
That shawl you knit will mean so much for Debra but her dad I can't tell you what it will meana.He is very religious,sings in the church choir eevery week & on special occations.I will email you & I will be putting you on m list for a life time & u can do the same.

Fondly in friendship & joy.....Ginger/peachy
I will email you.
I don't know if you can but her favorite color is aqua blue.That color she loves.I will be in touch thank you so much again
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I have tried to email you but it will not go through email me in regars to the kniitin,
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