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My name is Millie, from NYC but born in Puerto Rico. I love to crochet and now learning to knit.


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(((((( Hola, amiga (not) mia (yet, anyhow! LOL!)

Welcome to the forum.

I like your pink set down there! @@,./';,./';

I hand knit and crochet; 1970; 1973.

Donna Rae
Brandon, Iowa
Latinbeat said:
My name is Millie, from NYC but born in Puerto Rico. I love to crochet and now learning to knit.
Very nice. I especially like the pink hat & scarf.
Great work, You will enjoy the knitting too.
The blocks are adorable, and I would love the pattern for the pink set. Christmas presents! Is the red and white set for a special occasion? The long stitch on that is interesting.

Love the PINK set!! From another knitter in Iowa.
Millie, I love the blocks they are so cute!
Welcome to the forum from Rae in NC : ) I love the pink set...very nice : )
I love the pink set. Would be good to give to chemo patients. Where can I find the pattern? Bulldog (Betty from Mississippi)
Hola and welcome. Love your work!! I knit and crochet and am torn between my love of both. You will be too.

From LA originally NY
Hola glad to have you here, love the hat and scarf sets can you share a pattern?
Welcome from SoCal! Woo Hoo! someone who maybe can translate some of those gorgeous patterns that are in Spanish! What beautiful scarves and hats and the blocks are too cute! Good job!
welcome! I mainly crochet and love it bestest! But love knit designs too...even so I pretty much stick to crochet! I have a friend that does each equally well...she is amazing. Have fun with it andenjoy! Love your creations too!
Bien Venida! Hello from Los Angeles, CA.... love your work.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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