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After completing my Test Knit of the Holbrook Shawl for Dee I was compelled to make another.
This is my second Holbrook Shawl and not part of the Test Knit.
Yarn: Anne dyed by Art By Eve
70%Baby Alpaca/30%Silk 750yds
Colorway: Hot Pink
Yardage: 600
Needle: 5US
Dimensions: Blocked to 66"x26"
I used laceweight instead of fingering but stayed with pattern needle and pattern repeats.
My Test Holbrook was with a very laceweight yarn.
Anne is a more traditional diameter of laceweight.


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Absolutely beautiful.... I'm glad to know you did not change needle size, as I have been debating what to do with the lace weight I bought for the Ashton. I think I will like it just fine on a #5 needles, as I really don't want to reduce the size much. The color is so nice and bright. Lovely knitting, as always....
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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