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How do I switch colors on this blanket?

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I am using Bernat Softee chunky Taupe and taupe twist for this knit wave blanket by red heart. It's a super bulky yarn. I cannot attempt a project using multiple strands held together.
I made several swatches and ready to go but......
Do I carry the yarn up the side in order to switch colors?
Thank you in advance
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Dcsmith77 said:
The instructions at the following website looked easy to follow and would fit with your pattern:

Saves adding a border or all those loose ends. You can carry the yarn as many rows as you want, but be sure to pull them firm, not tight, on each row.
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Thought that was the only thing that the site composed of.
Then I clicked on "About Us" and found this page ....
Whoever owns/runs the site needs to work on it a bit. :wink:

When browsing the site, nothing is available to the public, as far as "help" goes.
"This article on how to read the knitting pattern for a Mosaic Knitting Washcloth, the second in the series, is available to existing Bronze (paid) members of this website."

Then I came upon this page (Their home page ) --- again an ad for the course.

This is the page for Visitors ...

Only consists of ...
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All other parts of the site is "locked" to non-members.
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Marylou12 said:
I don't understand, how do you change colors inside of the border and knit the border on?
You are actually running the unused color up the "side", just tucked in between the body and the border.
By twisting (overlapping) the strands when you come to the unused color and then continue with the border stitches.
This isn't showing border stitches afterwards, but it is the same.
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