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I just discovered this little tidbit, and thought I'd share it here. Maybe someone has already posted it somewhere, but what the heck. :)
I love to shop for yarn at garage sales and thrift stores, and often come home with yarn that is missing it's label. I recently wanted to pull out all my wool yarn to do a felting project, but wasn't sure how to find out what yarns were 'really' wool, vs scratchy acrylic.

A friend told me to burn a small bit of it. If it melts it's acrylic or some other petroleum based mess. If it stinks like hair, it's probably wool or another animal. If it lights up like a little wick, it's cotton.

I tried this on yarns that I knew first, to see how they reacted. It was just as she told me! Then I tested several many of my mystery yarns and was able to quickly identify them. Too Cool!!

I'm sure this isn't the only method, what other ways do you identify Mystery Yarn?? :)
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