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I belong to a womens group PEO an we have a 50/50 joker pot. for a long time i have bought tickets and oftn drawn but this month I won. So the money and a little of my own I bought Addi click needles. I an hardly wait for them to arrive.
Last Christmads I won a large HEAVY knitting bag at our knitters exchange party. I tried to pass it on but it was too heavy for others. So I am going to use it for our winter bag in the back of the car. The side pockets for water and the middle for blankets and energy bars. It is perfect for this. The knitting will be in front with me in a beautiful bag a friend made two years ago. I am excited as a potter friend made a lovely knitting bowl for her. We do not do a lot of gifts but moslty hand made with friends and I love the beauty of these gifts.
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