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I have to brag a little bit

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I know it's off topic from knitting, but I need to brag a little bit here. I stitched this piece, finally finishing it in April of 2010. I was just going to leave it hanging on the wall, but my friends talked me into entering it in the Richmond County fair. Whoo-hoo! It took first place! I didn't think it was all that special, but I heard the regional EGA president saw it and even she was impressed.


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I think I would brag too. Well done, you deserve the first prize. :D
Fabulous work! Having done samples for stores and worked in a store, I can fully appreciate your work and know the joys of a dark linen. It is amazing how many shades of a few colors go in to a piece like this to give depth to the water, sky and ship. Congratulations Sir, your ribbon is most deserved and you should toot your horn!
My that is fabulous. You have earned bragging rights! :p
you should brag ALOT!!!!! as a fellow cross stitcher you have created a masterpiece. and with all the darl too. must have been tricky, but definately well worth it. no wonder it took first place. good job :thumbup:
Brag as much as you like,it's fantastic and deserved to win,well done.
You have every right to brag. That is a magnificent piece of stitchery. I can't imagine the time that went into it's making.
wow that looks amazing! Great job and congratulations.
As a cross stitcher myself I have to say that's worth it's blue ribbon and brag all you want
That is fabulous work! You deserved the prize and have a right to brag! Thanks for posting your lovely stitching.
Edie (EdithAnn)
Congrats on your fabulous picture!
That is amazing, brag on girl , you deserve 1st. place. I also do cross stitch and enjoy it very much.
sand dollar said:
That is amazing, brag on girl , you deserve 1st. place. I also do cross stitch and enjoy it very much.
Thanks, but that should be brag on GUY
Beautiful work - well worth the prize you received
So beautiful. I must try and get back to x stitch, I have so many to do. xx
Wow!!!! I haven't tried to Cross Stitch, is it very hard?
1 - 20 of 88 Posts
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