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I have to brag a little bit

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I know it's off topic from knitting, but I need to brag a little bit here. I stitched this piece, finally finishing it in April of 2010. I was just going to leave it hanging on the wall, but my friends talked me into entering it in the Richmond County fair. Whoo-hoo! It took first place! I didn't think it was all that special, but I heard the regional EGA president saw it and even she was impressed.


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kimmyz said:
Wow. How long did it take you? Impressive.
I started it in spring of 2003. It was going to be a Christmas present for my late partner. Only he died in July of 2003. I didn't touch it for almost a year, and then when I did start working on it again, I would work for a while and then life interrupted and I'd set it aside. So off and on, I spent about 6 years before it was totally finished and framed.
Great piece of fiber art. Congratulations. :)
Nothing special???? It is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations on taking 1st place.
why do us crafter, knitters etc. always put a lower estimate on all our creativity---hmmm
Simply beautiful. I used to cross stitch and enter in contest at Plantation in Virginia. It seemed that the entries that were the most interesting and detailed had been done by men. Very intricate designs and so well done. Haven't entered in years and actually stopped cross stitching but picked up a birth register recently to do for expected grandson who is due in May. Thank you for sharing your fabulous work.
81 - 88 of 88 Posts
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