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I hope the original poster sees this!!!

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Whoever you are, you posted about an author, Sally Goldenbaum, who was a friend of yours (?) and has written a series of books set in a New England coastal town similar to Rockport, Massachusetts. I hope you see this post, because I wanted to thank you for bringing her to my attention. I've already purchased and have finished Book #1, Death by Cashmere, and am currently reading Book #2, Patterns in the Sand. I've also purchased #3-#5, and plan to pick up the rest as I read my way through the list. Sally is a great writer, and I'm really enjoying the similarities between fictional "Sea Harbor, MA," and Rockport, MA, a place where I've spent many enjoyable vacations!! As she describes "Sea Harbor," I can easily picture Rockport in my mind!

For any of you who enjoy books written by Lee Child, and David Baldacci - two of my personal favorites - these "Seaside Knitters" Mysteries are great "light" mysteries to read in between the heavier, "gotta read just one more chapter" novels, and each one has a free knitting pattern, and plenty of tasty dishes to replicate at home! There are plenty of twists and turns--I never did guess who the culprit was in the first book--and at half-way through the second, I still haven't a "clue" whodunnit this time, either! (Sorry...I just had to say that!)

If your local library doesn't have these books, try an Intra-Library Loan, which should check other libraries within your state, and usually will send the book to your local one, for you to pick up, read, and return there. Better yet, go to Amazon and buy them there! If you enjoy reading mysteries AND you love to knit, you won't be sorry you found this series!!
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There is also a knitting pattern referred to in every story and the pattern for that is at the back of the book.
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