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in honor of memorial day

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I received this picture as part of an email. In conjunction with the upcoming memorial day weekend i felt it appropriate to share. With much thanks to the members of the armed services past and present and mostly to those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do in the beautiful country. G-d bless the United States of America! Enjoy the weekend, barbque and of course calories galore! Maybe we should all keep our mouths closed and knitting kneedles very active! :cool: :cool:


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My Family has had many members in the US armed forces. My grandmother was in WWI. She had 3 sons all received Purple hearts) in WWII in Europe. One son died in Korea. My father was in WWI, my husband is a Vietnam vet, my brother was in desert storm. My son was part of the Kosovo conflict. Even those that survived the wars/conflicts suffer when they return home. The Vietnam vets were spit on and called baby killers (my husband was attack in the LA airport while return from his second tour of duty). He was in uniform. There were no parades or speeches for the Vietnam vets. And our current Wounded Warriors are not getting the help they need. Such a shame that our vets past, and current are not treated with the respect the deserve.
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