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Increadible beautiful freeform jewelry

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btibbs70 said:
(gasp) I want these patterns! How do I get them. Love free form crochet!
I think the author of the blog has just post pictures - it's not her work, but the work of someone she has encountered at some workshop. So... no patterns, just... ha, food for the soul.
Fialka said:
Actually, these are her works of art and she teaches some classes too, how to make it ! In the right column if you 'click' with a 'mouse' ,you will see a picture and how to do it , but you'll be not able to make a copy from it ! How do I know it ? Because I can read and translate from Russian language ! Fialka.
Yoshta - the blogger - is Nataliq, or Natasha, something like that (from my memory) - i.e. her first name is. These necklaces are designed by Katerina, who is also teaching a master-class and they have met on some workshop.

The column with the links leads you to other things that are Yoshta's own, and she teaches you there how to do them - step by step - and some - a lot, actually, are freeform, but not this particular patterns. I did learn a lot from Yoshta's blog. And this is what started me on freeform at all. But nowhere are instructions on how to do the ones I shared - and they were just so beautiful I had to post them...

And yes, Russian is my second language, English is my third.

And, oh, I have made copies of some of the things I use frequently from Yoshta's blog, even printed some of it when I was learning, no problem on that.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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