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Irish pattern for women

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Can any anyone send me to a site that has the Irish Patterns for women.

thank you,
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Your local library probably has several books of them. I made several. It helped me a lot to print out the pattern and paste it onto a manila folder.

I copied a pattern (ex an 8 row cable) and kept copying it in a column until I had copied it enough to complete the # of rows the sweater needed. After I did that with each pattern, I pasted them next to each other (use computer) or print patterns and paste next to each other on folder Usually there is a p2 or k2 between each pattern. I added that to the end of each pattern section.

I made sure I included the increases of decreases on the correct rows. As I finished each row, I checked it or circled the row # (I also numbered each row) If I had to stop mid row, I marked that spot so I would know where to begin again.

It's harder to explain than to do. I used the pattern for several sweaters by erasing my orig marks or by using a different color marker.
Hi Anna
try google just type in Irish sweater and you will find something
Good luck Linda
By typing Irish Sweater knitted Pattern or Celtic Sweater knitted Pattern in your google search should bring up quite a few.
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