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Is there an easy way to put in a lifeline? Coral

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I've started Gran's Shawl. Obviously I will have to put in life lines (this is *me* we are discussing here)!!

Does anyone have a tip or two of an easier way than using a wool needle and crochet thread and running it through the stitches a few at a time?
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I use a 5" steel threading needle with a length of #3 cotton. I tie a bow in each end to keep it from slipping out. It is thick enough to work but easier to knit around than yarn. Still takes a minute or two to thread it through but has saved me "several" times this project. I am a basic k&p knitter and am challenging myself to learn more. Was told feather and fan was easy soooo... Well, it was (knit1, frog4) until I figured it out. I calculate that I will have knit the darn thing at least 6 times through by the time I'm finished !!
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