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Is there an easy way to put in a lifeline? Coral

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I've started Gran's Shawl. Obviously I will have to put in life lines (this is *me* we are discussing here)!!

Does anyone have a tip or two of an easier way than using a wool needle and crochet thread and running it through the stitches a few at a time?
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I wonder how awkward it would be to hold the life line and wrap each stitch over it when knitting a plain row in the pattern. I haven't tried it, just throwing out a thought.

I have used a size 0 36 inch circular needle as my lifeline,though, rather than thread. On the one occasion when I needed it, it was easy to knit off the skinny needle and the stitches moved more smoothly than they would have on a piece of yarn.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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