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Is there an easy way to put in a lifeline? Coral

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I've started Gran's Shawl. Obviously I will have to put in life lines (this is *me* we are discussing here)!!

Does anyone have a tip or two of an easier way than using a wool needle and crochet thread and running it through the stitches a few at a time?
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A word of caution...

If you use thread/cotton yarn through the holes of interchangeable needles, you won't be able to use any markers. It will keep the markers with that row you've threaded the cotton through. Is this clear as mud?
Also, Peggy Beryl: Thank you both for your input. Sometimes my mind gets stuck on one way of doing things. This one should have been obvious. Thanks again.

cindye6556 said:
Hate to differ with you, but is possible to use markers, life lines and interchangeables all at same time. Yes, the L.L. will be run through markers, but that is a good thing if (heaven forbid) you should have to rip back, markers will be there to guide you. I don't know about you, but I have enough markers of varying sizes and types I could use one on every row that has a L.L. and still have them left over. Besides once you place your 3rd or 4th L.L. you'll be removing the first and have all those markers to reuse.

If you're looking for a cheap alternative for markers, I purchased a package of jump rings used for jewelry for about $3 at JoAnn's and it has 100 of them in package. I can even loose one and not fill guilty, and not only that much thinner than the usual rubber or plastic ones sold on knitting aisle for $4 for 10.
Now that's a clever idea. Thanks.

altogirl said:
I saw a suggestion here on KP that I thought was awesome. If you use interchangeables and have two cables of the same size, just knit the row as usual, unscrew or unlock your needles and leave the cable in the row as the lifeline. Put your needle tips on the second cable and knit away!
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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