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Is there an easy way to put in a lifeline? Coral

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I've started Gran's Shawl. Obviously I will have to put in life lines (this is *me* we are discussing here)!!

Does anyone have a tip or two of an easier way than using a wool needle and crochet thread and running it through the stitches a few at a time?
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Okay. Lots of tips! I have the little stitch markers that are like safety pins - i.e. removable. Maybe I should buy a circular 4mm tomorrow. (I'm going to the Yarn shop tomorrow - just a 'top up ;-) I promise).

I'm not advanced enough to think of buying interchangables. Maybe that should be on my list. Next I'll probably ask for comparative prices!
cindye6556 said:
Maybe while in LYS tomorrow you should invest in the 4mm as an interchangeable if that's an option they have available. They are really no different than a regular circular needle, other than the fact that you can change the tips. The only thing I would suggest is not matter which ones you choose take them for a "test knit" before commitment. This is something the store should not only allow but encourage.
I am in South Africa, the best shop probably does not carry interchangeables. I will have to import them myself. First though a price comparison. Are they cheaper in England or USA, or are they manufactured somewhere else? Confusion reigns!
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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