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Items I've made

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The items you have made are professional looking. I especially love the hats and mittens. I have not knitted mittens as of yet since I find it difficult understanding how to knit the thumb.

It's not really that hard. All I can tell you is to try and see what happens. Basicly with the thumb in the patterns that I have is that you increase between the purl stitchs.


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Thanks. I've been knitting for at least 30 years. Have gotten away from it for the past 10 years or so. Decided to start again as it's easy to pick up when it gets slow at work. I love doing it. So all of these items that I made were for christmas gifts for friends.


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Hi Doreen

I love your colour choices and how neat everything is. I have difficulty knitting with the same colours twice must be a mental blockage but I so admire people who can work through their stash and yet keep their interest and workmanship on a high level. Great job.

All are absolutely beautiful and so professional looking. You do VERY good work.
Very very beautiful.I want to post some of mine too.Will try this week.
Ooh - what wonderful and professional quality work! TY for sharing!!

Donna Rae
You put me to shame!! (In a good way!) Absolutely stunning!

Wow what beautiful work!!!!

Where did you find the sweater pattern? That is what I have been looking for for my granddaughters.
Thank you all. I had this pattern for the lope sweater years ago, but lost all of my patterns in the last move. All of the lopi patterns that I had have been discontinued, but I got lucky when I found this pattern at my local yarn store.
You keep very consistent tension. And I love the colors in the first set. Kudos to you!
Wow, there all so beautiful, I love your color schemes, you do such wonderful pieces.
Thank you all for your kind words. Am working on a child's cardigan now. Will post pics when it's done.
Thanks again.
Wowee, awesome! Especially lovin' the zebra socks, hope to get into sock knitting as well.
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