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Love the purple. Wish I was skilled enough to do something like that.
Carol L. said:
Thanks so much for the pattern for the bowknot ascot scarf. I'm looking forward to knitting one for me now. Thanks again! Carol
I've done several of the loop scarves myself -- fun to do and great gifts. You'll love the end result!
Post your email and I'll send it to you.
Will do.
I guess you are talking about the baby hats. I got the pattern from Tiny Stitches. Use a size 3 needle for a preemie and a size 6 needle for a newborn. Send email and I'll forward you the pattern.
jeanne11 said:
Where can I find the pattern for the childs hat and gloves you made? The set is beutifully done. I'd like to make the hat for next Christmas to put on the tree for needy children.
I don't think you are referring this question to me. I've not done children's hats and gloves, just preemie hats and booties.
1 - 6 of 94 Posts
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