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I've been busy sorting...

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Today is a lovely Autumn Saturday in Canberra Australia. It's currently 30°C/86F in a cloudless sky. Sunny days always keep me cheery.

The last few weeks or so I've been slowly going through our CDs and DVDs and donating/gifting any I'm not keen on. Some of my own are no longer my cup of tea, so out they go as well... I've been very pleased to find a few more CDs which DDH (dear departed husband) is playing on that I didn't realise he had. We didn't really have the same taste in music. He was mostly a blues man and I like just about anything else but. 😁 He was in various bands over the years and some of them put out a CD or 2. It's so nice to listen to these CDs knowing it's him playing the double bass... 😊😊😊 I'm keeping all of those ones , even though some of the music isn't really my taste.
Sadly most of his DVDs aren't my cup of tea either.
There are several homemade CDs of band practices from over the years too. I'm hoping to find something amongst all this with his speaking voice on it, (he wasn't a singer). That would be really nice too...

Anyway, back to it... 😊

Tomorrow would have been his birthday, so I'm keeping myself busy...
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DH says if I can't sing along to it I don't like it ! Some things he listens to sound like each person is playing in a different key !
I feel the same. I like to sing along also and don't care for music which doesn't lend itself to me singing along. 😁
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