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If you broke your leg, would you go to a friend and ask them to fix it?
Would you get mad if they didn’t know how?
If everyone were a naturally great counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, we wouldn’t need
counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists.
If it’s a little hurt, deal with it.
Ask a friend for advice. Let time take its course.
If it’s a big hurt, don’t just hope it goes away.
Don’t get mad at friends when they give lousy advice like, “just get over it” or “you’ll be OK.”
They don’t know how to help.
They don’t mean to hurt.
They just want you back.
Take charge of your healing for yourself and for everyone who cares about you.
-Doe Zantamata


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Generally speaking, attitudes regarding mental health have vastly improved over the years but there is still a long way to go. Just because something can't be seen doesn't mean it doesn't exist and can cause extensive damage.

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Saw a beautiful girl on Dr. Phil show who thinks her sister is prettier than she. I did not agree.
Both are beautiful girls, though.

The sister needing assistance has OCD and repeats words and rituals with her makeup.

She is sooo beautiful but does not realize.

I guess we all are more talented and more beautiful than we realize.

Stay calm, everyone and do the best you can. Get help if you need it. Take care of yourselves. God Bless.
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