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KniftyKnitter patterns?

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Hi from Texas! I rec'd a Knifty Knitter set for Christmas and have made several hats and a scarf already. Really enjoy it.
What is the best resource for patterns for the Knitter?
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Hi from Texas!

Welcome! Where in Texas? I love it there.

I live in Plano, a city just north of Dallas
Thank you for being so prompt with your response to my message. I lived in Austin from 1994-1998. Loved living there but my husband wanted to move to Florida. We lived in Florida from 1998-2005. Miss living in Texas..there was always something to do and lots of good food.

Hi Lisa from Michigan. Try the book Loom Knitting Primer by Isela Phelps.
Thank you for the information. I'll look for the book.
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