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Simply I-Cord from

I-cord is a quick and easy "pattern" that comes together almost like magic. It's a knitted tube that closes up on itself because of the knitting technique used.
*** (I'm making 7' (yes, feet) lengths (knit) that will have three braided together, coiled up to form a circle/oval, stitch the braids tog = braided rug. Great project when OTR))***.

All you have to do to make an I-cord is trust that it will work. use double-pointed needles, and when you get to the end of a row, instead of turning the work like you normally would, slide the work to the opposite end of the same needle. Pull the working yarn from the bottom to the top and keep knitting. Watch the magic happen!

•A small amount of sport-weight yarn, probably less than 50 yards
•Two double-pointed needles, size 3
•Sewing needle

1.Cast on six stitches.


3.When you reach the end of the first row, put the needle with the stitches on it back in your left hand *** if right-handed *** and slide the stitches to the opposite end of the needle. The working yarn will be at the bottom of the piece.

4.Pull the working yarn up to the top from the back and knit the next row.

5.Repeat in this manner until your piece measures around 22 inches, or big enough to fit around your *** or gift recipient's*** head like a headband. If your cord isn't closing up, pull on it every few inches *** stretch from end to end ***.

6.Bind off. Cut the yarn *** leave 8" tail***.

7.Using a sewing needle, sew the two ends of the cord together.
Make This Pattern Your Own:
This same method can be used with basically any yarn, just use larger double-pointed needles if you are using heavier yarn and smaller needles if you are using smaller yarn. the cord should be even, with no space between the stitches.

You could also experiment with casting on more stitches to make a wider headband. Or make the cord longer and tie it under your hair instead of sewing the ends together. The same pattern would also work as a belt, if you made it longer.
*** Remember, I-cords may be crocheted. There are great videos to snag, too.
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