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Welcome to the site Linda. Congrats on your purchase. The Brother KH-260 should have included a set of stitch scale. Check with the seller and see if they missed it out.

I noticed that by the way you used the term "wool", you're not in the US. There is an eBay vendor in NY, USA, that sells the set of stitch scale for the Brother bulky. You may want to contact him and see how much it costs to ship internationally to you. I'm guessing that the stitch scale for the bulky are being reproduced in China. This eBay seller is Chinese, I think. You may want to ask him if he'd know of another seller in your country that sells them to save shipping cost.

Here's Leanneco, an eBay seller from New York, USA:

As for using the standard for the bulky in a sense of what you're trying to do, it looks as if it should work. However, I haven't tried it myself.
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