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Knitted sweatshirt yoke instructions.

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I owned a shop in Cleveland, Ohio in the 80s and we did so many sweatshirt knitted yokes. I guess I neglected to save the instructions. You cut out the circle yoke in sweatshirt and then knit it back in with leftover yarns. It was so much fun and I have so much leftover yarn. I just need the knitted yoke instructions for the decreases. Would appreciate your help. THANK YOU KNITTING FRIEND, Bonnie
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I hooked up with a lady back in the 80's who sold these sweatshirts at craft sales. She couldn't keep up with doing it all so I ended up making just the yokes. She let me do any colors and yarns I wanted. When I completed 15, I mailed them off, and she quickly sent a check! It was great fun, and I used up all my leftovers!
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