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I have never knitted 'covers' for a wheelchair, my requests were for usually for 'pockets' so between the owner and i we kind of did a saddlebag style that went over one arm with pockets on the outside, down the inside of the arm, under the seat cushion and up and over the other arm....this meant it didn't have to be attached, his body weight kept in place and it could be taken off and washed and dried easily...each arm had 2 or three pockets and even the inside arm area had pockets for his checkbook, pen and wallet, where they would not be readily seen....he had express requests so i made a pocket big enough to hold a couple of file folders, two for glasses and sunglasses, a book for reading, small notepad....can't remember more, but his need was for something that was specific so that everything didn't just end up in a jumble in a big pocket that he couldn't find anything in...

most wheelchair arms have a padded area attached to the frame so a flat piece of knitting (think long skinny potholder) with picot holes around the edges for ribbon or cord to pull up and tie around the arm should be easy to do...good luck...
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