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"knitter's thumb"

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Has anyone else experienced an arthritic thumb; and if so, what was the solution. I've been given different options to alleviate the pain, but neither is appealing to me (removing a bone or fusing two bones together).
It's my left thumb and can be very painful depending on the pattern I'm working (either knit or crochet). No brace has helped since it catches on my yarn.
I'm in upstate NY--would appreciate any possible info or suggestion based on your experience.
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I too suffer with the thumb pain and especially if I get on a roll with my knitting and don't want to put it down and rest my thumbs. My son brought me a little ball that looks like a brain to squeeze when the thumbs get to aching and I sit and squeeze that for a few minutes, use ice to take down the inflammation. I have lupus and all of my joints act up severely when I have a "flare", wonder if and ice bath would help that inflammation???? LOL Don't think I could stand that!
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