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Knitting for Survival!

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I know before you say it...... the titles a bit strong!!

but to all of you out there who finding knitting a lifeline that helps you cope with your anxiety, helps you manage your debilitating aches and pains, helps you remember what you would usually forget( yes Ive lost my front door keys again!!) or by chatting on here makes you feel just a little less lonelier than you were yesterday

Have a GOOD day fellow woolies, pro-active, be productive. We will survive!!!
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I know exactly want you mean. It's a great place to relax
meffie....LOVE your message....thanks for posting it! have a wonderful grace filled day...
We will not only survive, we will THRIVE! We all have each other, hang in there Meffie, and check the refrigerator, thats the place my keys choose to hide. Hey, I brought the groceries in, open the fridge door, tossed the keys in, put away the groceries, and closed the door. man, they were cold!
Yes knitting is my lifeline too! And the people on this forum are wonderful! It truely helps me cope! I know that I can come here and talk to women just like me, and they understand. You are not alone. I'd say Sister Woolies! Love and Peace to you Meffie :)
String and sticks have made us sisters. We have all traveled a road that has had turns and twists we never imagined. Some road signs were hidden, but we have made it this far. And we have miles to go before we rest.
So let's all keep knitting and purling as we go. And as we do we leave our mark in finished sweaters, hats mittens, afghans all made with sticks and string and our LOVE.
Hugs and Peace to all who made it this far.
And remember to reach out to a fellow sister or brother. Sometimes an out stretched hand is all anyone needs.
Just to confirm the value of knitting, I dislocated my shoulder and included a fracture in the process. All of this happened last October. First question my orthopod asked -- after he asked if I had learned my lesson, of course -- what do I enjoy doing? I think he was asking about hobbies. When I mentioned knitting, he encouraged me to keep on with it. And just as I've read here, I thought I could get through anything. Looking back, I know I was pretty obsessive about all my projects during this period, as though knitting was a lifeline. But I think the injury actually got me restarted into this knitting life, brought me to this site, and opened up all kinds of fun in the process.
Hi Meffie, love your posting. I agree wholeheartedly.

Love Jenny xxxx :)
If I don't have needles in my hand I feel bereft.
I hand knit while watching television in the evenings. Great relaxer and makes me feel less of a couch potato :-
I know exactly what you mean, I lost my husband in June. I had not been knitting sense the children where young. I have picked it up again now and can't seem to stop knitting lol, and yes it is my survival, keeps me going and not to be so sad.
Each stitch we make has a purpose. I have cried and smiles 50-50, I'm sure.
But through good and bad, knitting was always there, waiting for me.
What a wonderful gift we all share.
Hi folks, after reading the comments for "Knitting for Survival" I actually cried to think there must be so many lonely people out there. I want to reach out to each and every one of you who are lonely,sick or just having a bad day. I wish I could put my arms around you all and let you know that we are all sisters and brothers not only because of our knitting but because God made us all in His image and likeness. I am not getting religious here, if you think that please forgive me for sending the wrong message. I have a busy and fulfilled life, but I can hardly wait to open up this site in the mornings to see who is thinking of others & not wallowing in self pity. You are all so wonderful and have become very important to me. Enjoy your day, blessings, Dorothy
Amen Dorothy,
And we have found friends here, and support for whatever.
I have met a wonderful person who has walked me through a rough time and I am ever so grateful. It is so amazing how we can help from so far away. A kind word goes a long way. Some encouragement that we are worthy. And sometimes we even talk about knitting HAHAHA.
I am off to enjoy my day outside at the waters edge, where I will knit and have lunch. My mind gets energized there.
Am I glad I found you all!! I have been reading with my morning cup of tea for a few day now and when I saw your post I had to join in. I too knit as a lifeline. I am the sole caregiver for my 80 yr old mom and my 30 yr old disabled son. As you can guess that keeps me hopping. No time for socializing. My knitting goes with me everywhere. I have different projects for different outings. One fun thing I do is I always have a market bag on my needles using cones of cotton. I take this with me when we visit the doctors office ( which is often). If I finish one at the office I leave it with the nurse, sec, or doctor as a way of saying thank you for their care. They love them and everyone can use another market bag. Sometimes I give it to a fellow caregiver in the waiting room.
Hello to all my knitting friends
I'm new to this site and I have never been on any chat site so I was a little bit concern. No need to fear, all of you are great gals and I'm thankful to find new friends that knit.
Yes, I too, find that knitting gives me time to think and work through problems, that is after I commit it to the Lord then I knit.
Hi Linda, where are you that you can enjoy the water's edge? We live across the road from a beach ( a 2-3 minute walk) we had a snow storm last night that dumped 30 cms ( approximatley 10 inches ) of snow on us. My husband had to bring out the snow blower so that we could get our car out the driveway. Oh well, this time of year it won't last too long. Enjoy your day. Blessings, Dorothy
that is a wonderful idea, I would like to do that too, most of the time I bring my kindle with me and read, but I think I will take some knitting with me the next time also. Seems like the wait in the Doctors office is longer now and I hate just sitting there.
Hi Sutalee, what is a market bag? Do you live in Georgia? We spent a month in Georgia near Perry 2 years ago on our way home from Florida. I loved Georgia & the people. My desire is to sell our home in Canada, buy a larger motor home, spend our winters in Georgia & summers in Alberta, Saskatchawan, & British Columbia visiting with our children and grandchildren. I am getting too old for Canadian winters. lol. Blessings, Dorothy
I bring my knitting when I have dr. appointments. I find that I can talk with others while I knit. Also, our church is 40 min. ride and I knit both ways.
Whenever I buy a purse I look for one that I can fit my knitting into.
Happy knitting everyone!
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