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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022

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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022 :knitting1:

I seem to be getting earlier and earlier posting the new week, but I’m always afraid as the night goes on that I’ll forget altogether! So here we are early as usual - and to be honest “early” is not usually my “usual”, I’m more inclined the opposite!

Summary of Friday 11th November, 2022 by Darowil
The summary and following lists are a summary of last week's Tea Party and are of more value to the regulars here unable to keep up with all the chatter than to newbies - who are very welcome to join us at any time just by speaking up and making yourself known. All the pages etc refer to last week’s Tea Party Knitting Tea Party, Friday 11th November, 2022

A lot more pages this week than we have had for a while but mainly general chit-chat this week.

Kate has been referred for an endoscopy although the nausea has now gone. 🤞🏻

Flyty1n had a MRI this week to work out what is wrong with her leg - no wonder she has had pain as she has a break and a meniscal tear. Fracture is well aligned and only a small tear so no treatment other than Tylenol/paracetamol and walking only as tolerable without too much pain.

Machristie came back from her weekend away unwell - and remains unwell.

Jazzy has been looking after her grandson this week and so has been around very little. Now back home.

Poledra has finally done the last of her farm work - and tells us she is not going to do it next year!

Grandies are growing up quickly with one reaching double figures, twins reaching two and two young ones becoming mobile - Matthias especially. Some weeks just seem to make the KP grandies growing up show up so clearly.

PHOTOS by Kate
1 - Fan - Amaryllis and geranium plants
3 - Darowil - Wet back yard
4 - Swedenme - April & Annabelle
5 - Maatje - Gus
6 - JoRae - Roxy
12 - Darowil - Bridges and flood debris
16 - Fan - 1940s pattern book / Mini pink rose
20 - Bonnie - Slippers and towels
22 - Fan - Tomten for a neighbour
23 - Fan - Tomten completed
23 - Bonnie - Mukluks
31 - Kate - “Birthday Cupcake” for Mindy
33 - Kate - Luke & Liam
34 - Fan - Female tomten
36 - Fan - Completed tomtens
40 - Sugarsugar - Crochet Christmas penguin (link below)
41 - JoRae - Pot holders / Double knitting hat
44 - Swedenme - Knitted Nutcracker doll / Cowl & mitts
53 - Alibee - Knitted sunflowers

18 - Tami - How to sew with metallic thread (link)
20 - Bonnie - Vintage knitting books (link)
50 - Sugarsugar - Pew the crochet penguin pattern (link)

20 - Bonnie - Pavlova Christmas tree (link)

14 - MindyT - Watering Christmas Cacti (link)
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Thank you so much Kate and Margaret for our new week. The summaries are so helpful as well as the photos so I can go back and see the ones I missed. The sunflowers were very realistic. I loved them.
Jazzy, do you now have a snow covered view? Is your bike cleaned and put away for the winter?
Still very cold, just up to 34F at 3 PM.
Poledra, I see on our weather report that you are supposed to be getting some of our very cold weather as well as snow. Did this happen.
Maatje, is Gus accomodating to the cold weather? Does he have lots of heavy fur on the bottoms of his feet?

I hope this fun link will open for you. These two boys have fantastic voices.
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Thank you for the new week ladies very much appreciated.
just got home after foray to the gift store and couldn’t resist buying this hanging arrangement for the front door.
‘At present it’s inside but will move it on Christmas morning.
‘Also here is my latest and possibly last knitting for the store for awhile.
‘We left the store and went and had coffee and yummy cheesecake for morning tea. Tried a new place and it was really nice.
Wont need lunch for awhile after that large slice. View attachment 1267370 View attachment 1267371
These are both lovely. I love the sparkly trim on the dress. Did you make the Christmas ornament? It is very nice.
DS said he called his insurance, he will be responsible for the deductible, $500, apparently gas tanks are really expensive. He said he will try to get the repair shop to at least cover the deductible but if they won’t, he will make sure to give them more than $500 in advertising.
we have a “ claims free” program, if you don’t have a claim for 5 years you get 20% off on the premiums & he will lose that as well, so an expensive thing.
If they don't pay the deductible I would take them to small claims court. I expect that that would make them do it.
Thank you for the cookie reciipe JoRae. I think it will be cookies today for tomorrow's dessert.
Thanks also for the apple dessert. So good to have tried and true recipes.
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Yesterday, I had my pool therapy. I started back last week. Today I spent a good portion of the morning getting everything to do with my upcoming surgery set up. Yes, my surgeon for my shoulder is going to scrap and smooth out the arthritis he told me that it doesn't mean it won't come back and I have an extreme tear in my Rotar cuff he will have to repair and any other problems he comes up against. He knows I don't want a total shoulder replacement. I just don't have good luck with surgeries. My PT guy told me it is not an easy recovery it will take me 1 1/2 to 2 years to get over. That scares me I'll be 78 before I get over it, yikes. I have an appointment to see my provider Dec. 2nd. I'm suppose to have all my pre-op x-rays EKG and blood work that day. I do hope that happens but when it comes to the Base and how things get all Mucked up is the norm so we shall see. That is what is going on. Take care dear ones. Love to you all.
I am hoping you will have very good success with your shoulder repair. Both of my sisters had this, one with the need of a graft as well and they were back to work in about 2 months. Both are doing very well now with minimal pain. I am hoping that yours will go as well. They are both over the age of 73 so age should not be a problem.
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View attachment 1267496 the Christmas cactus is just loaded with blooms. So much fun to see such a nothing plant put on such a big show
So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
My story telling mind is on form again so here goes folks.
A Tomten feast for Christmas
I knew it was too much to ask theTomten to behave and I’m not wrong on that assumption.
I’ve had to employ the services of Gnome Patrol to investigate some rather pungent odours coming from yonder staircase where they’re all gathered for the holidays.
‘It turns out that overnight there has been some pre Christmas cooking going on.
‘Each lady Tomten has brought along a traditional or favourite dish for the festive season and to welcome newcomers Scarlett and Rufus Reddington.
‘They’re a side shoot of the agricultural garden gnome family.
‘All may seem innocent but on inquiry gnome patrol have discovered their true intentions.
‘They want to sample the strawberry liqueur and party party party, leaving none to be delivered across the street where the Reddingtons are headed.
As for the strong odours, Kristina has brought Lutefisk and Swedish meatballs. That is quite a heady aroma from the Lutefisk, not for delicate stomachs I feel.
‘Poppy has brought herb cookies and rhubarb icecream. Am quite suspicious of what she terms herb, as it smells rather like a certain ‘’weed’’ which is a worry.
‘Catriona has made clootie dump and cranachan, liberally bathed in whiskey. That is quite acceptable I think?
And finally from Clodagh we have plum pudding and roast pork, yum
This is just from the ladies, I am left wondering what the fellas have concealed in the secret cupboard under the staircase.
‘Oh my, it’s going to be a troubled 5 weeks until Christmas at this date I can see.
‘As for the dress changes, I’m not committing to anything just yet.
Oh my! I loved this update on the gnomes. Good they have good food but, as you said, I wonder at their true intentions. Keep an eye on anything with liquor in it. I hope they have a designated driver for when the festivities end.
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Gasoline prices are very high here these figures are for 95 octane, My car takes 98 so even more expensive.
it’s over $100 to fill it, thankfully I only need to refill about once every month or so. View attachment 1267528
I have learned so much on this forum. I didn't know that US and NZ gallons were not the same. I paid 5.79,9 for a gallon of diesel fuel yesterday and was complaining. Surely we all are suffering high petrol prices.
Strawberry, I am so sorry for your son's losses. How awful to have your car broken into and ramps stolen. I hope they can catch those theives as well as the dastardly ones who drilled holes in the gas tanks. Gas tanks are always hard to replace as you have to take out and disconnect much of the gas lines and parts of the car over them. Here they are stealing catalytic converters, also very expensive to replace. And, I learned at the DMV that thieves are breaking into handicapped peoples cars and stealing their handicapped cards and selling them on the black market. I was told to keep my car locked up and only use the card if absolutely necessary for me to park in a handicap place. I shall try just to park as close as possible to the store and not use the card.
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Beautiful Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing.
Got cards from Cockayne and Jazzy. I am waiting until Christmas to open them. Thank you so much.
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As promised yesterday by me. I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo at least a week ago as the blooms were beautiful. Not nearly as large as most of yours but certainly brings me joy every morning when I walk into the kitchen. 🥰🥰😁👍
I’ve also placed 2 of the new Christmas tree balls in front of the Cactus, guess I should’ve turned their lights on, oh well never mind. 😁👍

View attachment 1267563
A beautiful cactus. I love it.
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Neither does my sister who disowned the siblings after both parents were gone and there was no more for her to get or steal. She tried to kill me at least 3 times, if my DH had not pulled her from me she might have succeeded on 3rd try. Parents also did not believe any of it . I think that it was easier to ignore and blame others for crossing her path. God has always rescued me in times of trouble. She was admitted to an institution the week before I was married from a police incident where they picked her up in a straitjacket and took her there. She got out on Wednesday before my Saturday wedding. My mother insisted that she be included though she was miserable and not a happy camper. My and David's love was stronger for each other than her interruptions. 53 plus years now and going strong though not always easy. We vowed before God to love and cherish each other until death do we part. Not a big part of vows anymore. My in laws were not included in any of the planning by DH's request. It was mostly my mother's wedding as they had eloped. She did and had what she had wanted including just a few of our friends and mostly her friends and relatives.
As I look back it has all become real. . .life is too short and we were steadfast. His mother and Ex had planned his first marriage. Bad choices!!!!!.
I heard yesterday that was why she tried to ruin our marriage. His adopted (?) sister told his Ex to get over it. (This was before she became a certified Counselor person and learned that you don't tell people to get over it in Counseling) I can laugh at all the foolishness now as I get a better handle on the failings of humanity. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
I admire you all the more knowing this as well as how kind you are taking care of David. You are a winner.
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Tomten travel fuel.
‘The discussion on gasoline got me thinking and wondering how the Tomten move around.
‘I posed the question to them once they surfaced this morning and Digby gave me some answers, being a garden gnome he knows all about fossil fuels etc.
‘He was hesitant and wouldn’t divulge what they use for big events involving world travel.
‘That would break the gno,e code we are born with amd no humans can ever know, so there, he grumpily replied. Oops🙄
So I carefully asked what they use for local travel when humans can witness comings and goings.
I am curious as they’re a leg less lot, not entirely from alcohol consumption either.
‘Digby grumpily whispered he supplies 100% octane GT100 fuel by infusing compost and reindeer farts. 🦌
Oh methane, of course!
it’s the best he said and not reliant on fossil fuels you humans are using and ruining our planet.
oh boy he’s really grumpy today.
‘Now my curiosity is in warp drive, so asked how is it used as you don’t drive cars?
His answer was that’s for me to know and you to find out maybe…. you inquisitive human.
After that retort I backed off and left him throwing compost about and muttering to himself.
Ah ha, this is their great secret. Methane. It is a wonder, considering how flammable methane is, that they don't catch themselves on fire. However, I expect that is because they learn from an early age how to use and control it. My Golf also uses and dispenses as I travel, the urea. It will even tell me when that is low.
Well, off to the urologist's office today. Bladder spasms again. Ugh. They're going to get a catheter sample...I don't have time to be sick now but it's always the weekend or holiday when I get bad, so trying to take care of it now. I'm so happy that my sister and her DH are coming up for Thanksgiving. Yay!!! I'm going to give her the Family Bible I gave to our mom and dad. It is an old-fashioned one, large and beautifully illustrated. For some reason mom wrote her friends in it instead of relatives. I was already married and living elsewhere so these friend don't have any meaning for me. My two sisters were raised with these friends of mom's, so it will be meaningful to them. I'm excited to give it to her.
I've been up since 3am, so I'd better get in and get showered before the office calls and tells me what time to come.
So sorry that you are miserable again. I do hope that the urologist can determine exactly which bacteria is causing your problem.
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It was different this time. Klebsiella Pneumoniae. (sp?). I probably picked it up at physical therapy. It can get into one's system. With lowered immune system I am getting things most people don't get. I was afraid I'd give the different infections I've had to DH but they said no. People aren't normally in danger, thank goodness. I didn't even know people could get Parvo... 😂 :eek: but I managed it. Haven't even been around a dog. Sure is a life learning experience.
So glad that they know what you have and hoping that the treatment can help. Good you are not giving it to DH. I didn't know that people can get Parvo. I am always learning new things on this forum.
Gwennie, your card arrived today. I am keeping it until Christmas to open. Thanks for being a part of this joy.
Very cold this morning and won't get up above 30F at the height of the afternoon. I tore out the second sock down to where the heel increase starts. I now have that done and started on the Fleagle heel decrease. Hoping to shortly get it caught up to the other sock which is already on the leg. I have determined that I am a very slow knitter.
Good morning all, we got a lot of stormy weather overnight and had to chase down some recycling items which had done a runner down the gutters after the bin fell over. It’s a bit better this morning but still need warm clothing as the wind is cool.
Ducks and duck fat, Ive had wild duck, amd you’re right about the pellets you can break your teeth on. Liz and I spent a day gutting a pile of them when the guys went shooting back in the 80s. She soaked them in milk and it tenderises as well as drawing out the gamey taste.
‘Duck fat is excellent for roasting potatoes in. It’s is sold here especially for that purpose.
Decided go do one more onesie for the store so busy with that today. I have some cute penguin buttons, thanks Cathy for your photo of penguin it gave me the idea to do this.
Was going to venture out but decided not to bother, so,e poor young man got hit by lightning yesterday down south and it burned out his car and he’s in hospital as well.
‘No dramas with the T gang, they’re keeping a low profile today thankfully, but when they’re quiet I do get concerned as to what they maybe plotting up on the staircase.
Got my delivery of 16 frozen meals yesterday and a good selection again. I have another lot scheuled for 8th december so will need to get eating some to make room for next lot.
Cousin Pam asked if she might stay on 7th has an appointment with orthopaedic surgeon re knee replacement in February.
Will be lovely to catch-up again.
Lynette it will be so cool to meet you if we can arrange it, you would be welcome to stay with me if you need somewhere before your family pick you up. Over to you to decide what your plans are in that respect .
My father, an excellent shot from sharp shooting in the army, always got us a mallard duck for Thanksgiving and a goose for Christmas. I don't know what mother did, but they were never greasy. She always reminded us to eat slowly and look out for shot. I learned later that geese mate for life, so was glad when we had turkey or roasted chicken for Christmas instead of goose. I love to hear them as they fly in V formation over us on their way down south. There are some who stay all winter on an artificial lake near our industrial park.
Just looked up Margaret's sock pattern and was so glad to read how long to make the foot and the leg by measuring from the heel of one's hand to the tip of the middle finger. Wow, an answer to my question as I was trying to figure out how long to make the sock leg. Thank you Margaret for posting that pattern and information.
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Today turned out to be a bit of unexpected déja vu. On our morning bike ride, we always pass by a cute little ice cream parlour beside the path at a beautiful park and beach. They call themselves a microcreamery, with everything they make being from locally sourced ingredients. Today we finally made the drive to check them out, approaching the shop from the opposite direction of the bike path, and I started getting flashbacks the closer we got. Turns out I used to live just around the corner from the ice cream place in 1979. I was able to find my old address, it looks really run down, but if I had even remembered it, there's no way I could have found it on purpose.
How neat this is. Sad it is a bit run down. Do you have your new bike now? Does it fit as it should?
No bike yet and worse, someone has hitched their bike to the post I was using in the bike room 🙁. Bikes are still slow to be delivered, they said maybe another week. I guess things will get sorted out one way or another.
Oh no. So is there another post you can use for your present bike? Or do you not have a bike at present?
Bit the bullet and tried to make a virtual appnt. with my doc. First available is Dec. 29. That does absolutely no good when I’ve had this stuff for almost 2 weeks. Time to start worrying about bronchitis or pneumonia. They checked for any availability and came up with next Monday. So, decided to ask DD to drive me to Urgent Care first thing this am. TTYL with the next exciting installment.
So glad you are going to Urgent care. You could easily have a bacterial pnemunia secondary to a virus. If so, an antibiotic is needed. Prayers that you will find some relief.
Gwennie, I am hoping that your tests will show a treatable condition. So good you went to the doctor and are doing something about it. Consider that our brains are giant computers and the longer we live the more information they will have to access. I am also praying for you and all the rest of my KAL friends.
So glad that the card got to Australia in spite of my mis address. I will correct it on my list.
Need to get in gear and do a bit of shopping and go to the bank as we are headed to our long Thanksgiving weekend. DS is making the meal and she is an excellent cook.
Still very cold. Snow in Provo, 20 minutes north, but none here. I shall have to wait until almost noon for the "walkies" with Polly. She thinks that we should go as soon as it is daylight.
Maatje, how is Gus doing in the snow now? Does it bother him?
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I was told postage is going up first of the year.
As was I. I was also told to use up all my old less postage stamps as coming in the new year all the stamps will need a barcode if they are not forever stamps. The PO will trade in old stamps as welll, or so I was told.
Good advice from Jazzy. So glad that your doctor is doing blood tests as a pituitary or thyroid problem easily repaired, could be at the basis of your problems.
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