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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022

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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022 :knitting1:

I seem to be getting earlier and earlier posting the new week, but I’m always afraid as the night goes on that I’ll forget altogether! So here we are early as usual - and to be honest “early” is not usually my “usual”, I’m more inclined the opposite!

Summary of Friday 11th November, 2022 by Darowil
The summary and following lists are a summary of last week's Tea Party and are of more value to the regulars here unable to keep up with all the chatter than to newbies - who are very welcome to join us at any time just by speaking up and making yourself known. All the pages etc refer to last week’s Tea Party Knitting Tea Party, Friday 11th November, 2022

A lot more pages this week than we have had for a while but mainly general chit-chat this week.

Kate has been referred for an endoscopy although the nausea has now gone. 🤞🏻

Flyty1n had a MRI this week to work out what is wrong with her leg - no wonder she has had pain as she has a break and a meniscal tear. Fracture is well aligned and only a small tear so no treatment other than Tylenol/paracetamol and walking only as tolerable without too much pain.

Machristie came back from her weekend away unwell - and remains unwell.

Jazzy has been looking after her grandson this week and so has been around very little. Now back home.

Poledra has finally done the last of her farm work - and tells us she is not going to do it next year!

Grandies are growing up quickly with one reaching double figures, twins reaching two and two young ones becoming mobile - Matthias especially. Some weeks just seem to make the KP grandies growing up show up so clearly.

PHOTOS by Kate
1 - Fan - Amaryllis and geranium plants
3 - Darowil - Wet back yard
4 - Swedenme - April & Annabelle
5 - Maatje - Gus
6 - JoRae - Roxy
12 - Darowil - Bridges and flood debris
16 - Fan - 1940s pattern book / Mini pink rose
20 - Bonnie - Slippers and towels
22 - Fan - Tomten for a neighbour
23 - Fan - Tomten completed
23 - Bonnie - Mukluks
31 - Kate - “Birthday Cupcake” for Mindy
33 - Kate - Luke & Liam
34 - Fan - Female tomten
36 - Fan - Completed tomtens
40 - Sugarsugar - Crochet Christmas penguin (link below)
41 - JoRae - Pot holders / Double knitting hat
44 - Swedenme - Knitted Nutcracker doll / Cowl & mitts
53 - Alibee - Knitted sunflowers

18 - Tami - How to sew with metallic thread (link)
20 - Bonnie - Vintage knitting books (link)
50 - Sugarsugar - Pew the crochet penguin pattern (link)

20 - Bonnie - Pavlova Christmas tree (link)

14 - MindyT - Watering Christmas Cacti (link)
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Thank you for the new week ladies very much appreciated.
just got home after foray to the gift store and couldn’t resist buying this hanging arrangement for the front door.
‘At present it’s inside but will move it on Christmas morning.
‘Also here is my latest and possibly last knitting for the store for awhile.
‘We left the store and went and had coffee and yummy cheesecake for morning tea. Tried a new place and it was really nice.
Wont need lunch for awhile after that large slice.
Christmas ornament Ornament Triangle Twig Christmas decoration
Purple Textile Sleeve Dress Interior design
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Soft peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss for our craft afternoon tomorrow. It will be fun View attachment 1267372
Ooh yum they look good enough to eat. Mmmmm. 😝
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I was very impressed with the store they have lots of imported interesting items for very reasonable prices. Lots of Italian glass and crystal bowls .Helena got her sister a lovely big glass vase, lucky sister.
Was very tempted but didn’t get carried away except for the door star. It was only $18 which I thought was good.
Other stores would be triple the prices of what was on sale there.
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These are both lovely. I love the sparkly trim on the dress. Did you make the Christmas ornament? It is very nice.
Thanks I bought the starhanging at the gift store today.
The Tomten ladies saw what I posted re no more knitting and now very politely asked if I might change their dresses as the really love the silver beads on the strawberry 🍓 lady. I wasn’t going to enquire what the new ones names were but hey you didn’t sound polite so I’ve named them Scarlett and Rufus Reddington.
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Is the door ornament painted cinnamon sticks?
No it’s just pieces of wood, simple but effective.
OMG what a bunch of thieves. And, if they knew it had been drained and damaged, why on earth in 2 weeks couldn't they have fixed it as well. After all, it was on their property, it is on them to fix it,no?
Thank you ladies for another start to what will be a short, busy week for many of us. Time is really rushing along toward the end of the year now isn't it. Seems the weeks really fly by.
The summaries are so great for those of us who drift around, lose our place and need catching up.
Thanks for posting your decoration Fan, it is really simple and lovely and the little dress is precious. You could start a line of these frocks, "Fan's Fancies"!
Thanks but I’m done I think, have made around 12 pieces in the past few weeks and need a break now.
Love the name though it’s very clever.
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:ROFLMAO: That was delightful Joyce! You are so right in that the boys have wonderful voices but oh so funny.
Just watched it and laughing so much I’m crying wish we could have done that in choir when I was young lol! 🤣
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love the wreath. the dress is adorable.
Thank you, I like the simple Star design. Perfect for Christmas
A very chatty afternoon my other neighbours Kay and David came in with some yummy home made truffles which will be good for snacking.
We discussed Christmas cake and David wants to make one, so gave him the 3 ingredient recipe and he’s going to give it a go.
‘They saw my coleus plant and really liked it so I cut a piece off it and said just plant it and will easily grow, especially now with warmth and rain we have at present.
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I wish we could grow things that easily here but we have to buy soil do a prayer to the garden Gods and still nothing.
From what I know about Las Vegas it’s desert country so must be hot and dry so you must need lots of compost and watering to get things to grow well.
‘Because the climate here is warm and wet in summer we have troubles with fungal diseases, so have to spray often.
Case in point just now a really heavy downpour and super humid too, but not too hot at 22C.
Wow, That is going to be a great train. It is so cute. I love trains but I don't know if I could tackle that.
Wow is right it’s stunning and a lot of work involved, no pressure Tami.
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Yesterday, I had my pool therapy. I started back last week. Today I spent a good portion of the morning getting everything to do with my upcoming surgery set up. Yes, my surgeon for my shoulder is going to scrap and smooth out the arthritis he told me that it doesn't mean it won't come back and I have an extreme tear in my Rotar cuff he will have to repair and any other problems he comes up against. He knows I don't want a total shoulder replacement. I just don't have good luck with surgeries. My PT guy told me it is not an easy recovery it will take me 1 1/2 to 2 years to get over. That scares me I'll be 78 before I get over it, yikes. I have an appointment to see my provider Dec. 2nd. I'm suppose to have all my pre-op x-rays EKG and blood work that day. I do hope that happens but when it comes to the Base and how things get all Mucked up is the norm so we shall see. That is what is going on. Take care dear ones. Love to you all.
We will all be with you as you undergo this surgery and I know prayers will sent for your recovery.
‘Hopefully nothing will go wrong this time and things will improve greatly for you. Hugs.
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I’m late joining in this evening but at least I’m here, lol!
Thank you ladies for another week, yikes they sure are flying by.
Ventured out later this morning to buy a couple of little things for Christmas decorating. The weekend is supposed to be snowing, which will make traffic a nightmare. I’m staying inside and won’t be going out until Monday. I’ve been invited to a lunch at a neighbours, we will be celebrating 3 November birthdays. Plans may change as Rose’s uncle passed away and she has invited a couple to stay overnight, so that they can attended the funeral on Tuesday. She will let us know on Sunday if she has to postpone.
Then Tuesday off to another luncheon with a group of ladies that most I haven’t met. Hopefully they are all lovely woman, at least I know 2 of my neighbours are going and I’m going to offer to drive. This way I can be excused from drinking a glass of wine as I’d be the designated driver, lol! I’m not fussy on wine at noon as it does make me sleepy sometimes, lol!
I’ll try to remember to take a photo of 3 little Christmas balls I bought. They’re clear glass with white pine trees and a deer inside, plus they are battery operated which blows the snow around inside. Oh I just HAD to buy these, lol! Just hope they work!
You’re a woman after my own heart, saw some pretty cool things inthe store today which you would love.
I love things which move and have lights. Will be putting my angel on tonight she’s so pretty.
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View attachment 1267384

I thought you would like to see my other two Singer sewing machines. My son Bobby gave me the other two besides giving me the other one he brought when he moved here from Memphis. He bought the other two when he was upholstered his station wagon 1960, so he gave them to me. I'm having fun with them. I really like using those old machines. He gave me those machines at a good time because my other two sewing machines needed to go to the sewing machine hospital,lol. I put different colored thread in each machine, and I just switch machines when I need to sew that color. The middle sewing machine has a new fast motor on it and I have to use a light foot on it or it will fly off the table, lol. Two of them don't reverse stitch and it only has one stitch length. There is a knob that supposed to change the stitch length, but it doesn't work but I really don't care about that.
Wow lucky you the old machines are really sturdy and great if they still work.
‘I have my grandmothers old Unity machine you turn the handle to work it, not electric. I learned to sew on it.
An antique I think.
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They had treadle machines still when I took Home Economics in the 8th grade. I never had to use one as they had 1 electric machine and I learned on one similar. I wish now that I had learned to use a non-electric machine, so that I could say that I could use it. Even my MIL old singer is electric from 1938. I made all of my own clothes by the time I was in 8th grade using my mother's portable sewing machine (Bradford sold at W.T.Grants which I have to this day.) They were all metal parts and heavy workers for the tough jobs like upholstery etc. One of my sons was asking if I still had that old heavy duty machine the other day. He wants to sew some canvas.
That is what I really like about the old machines they will sew very heavy fabric like canvas.
‘I have a modern Singer and really like it, it has lots of fancy stitches to play with. I’ve used those on Pants hems, and patchwork quilts.
Being short legged I often have to take up hems on pants so it’s very handy for that. Haven’t made any clothes for many years though.
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Good morning ladies, happy Sunday to the downunder folks, and Saturday to others.
‘It was a very busy chatty day yesterday thoroughly enjoyed myself going out with Helena and then the visit from Kay and David.
‘David loves cooking so I hope the cake recipe turns out well for him. I may even try it myself again.
‘Jazzy I like your apple dessert recipe it sounds very yummy.
Just had next Fosamax and all is well with that, no tummy issues👍
Shoulder trouble is prevalent it seems, Josie my friend was working on the farm on Friday and whacked her shoulder and the pain was awful. Went to urgent care clinic but there was a 3 hour wait, so she waited and went on opening time yesterday, had X-rays no break but severely bruised internally so needs to take it easy and have Physiotherapy on it. Will give her a call today and see if she needs any help I could do for her.
‘Well I’ve sat up for the required 30 minutes after the pill so now can go and get breakfast, and see what my Tomten have been doing overnight.
‘Still unsure whether to tackle making the ladies new panties and skirts yet, but being a soft hearted soul I might relent and give in if they ask nicely.….
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Just got off the phone from a call with maryLou she’s sending me another parcel so hoping this one arrives safely.
‘We had a good long chat, so wish we lived closer but 14,000 kms is quite a distance and have never met in person but like you all we are great friends across the world.
Lynette your decorating skills are fantastic hope you can get what you want.
Been busy this morning writing cards for friends within NZ, a nice task to get done.
‘I think a cuppa and date truffle will be in order. At last it’s stopped raining, but we sure had some serious thunder rumbling last evening.
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I hope they have mild cases and you don't get it!
It’s bad here again with another wave of omicron giving 20,000 cases each week ugh!
But I see Pfizer are making a new vaccine with very good results for these new strains.
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My story telling mind is on form again so here goes folks.
A Tomten feast for Christmas
I knew it was too much to ask theTomten to behave and I’m not wrong on that assumption.
I’ve had to employ the services of Gnome Patrol to investigate some rather pungent odours coming from yonder staircase where they’re all gathered for the holidays.
‘It turns out that overnight there has been some pre Christmas cooking going on.
‘Each lady Tomten has brought along a traditional or favourite dish for the festive season and to welcome newcomers Scarlett and Rufus Reddington.
‘They’re a side shoot of the agricultural garden gnome family.
‘All may seem innocent but on inquiry gnome patrol have discovered their true intentions.
‘They want to sample the strawberry liqueur and party party party, leaving none to be delivered across the street where the Reddingtons are headed.
As for the strong odours, Kristina has brought Lutefisk and Swedish meatballs. That is quite a heady aroma from the Lutefisk, not for delicate stomachs I feel.
‘Poppy has brought herb cookies and rhubarb icecream. Am quite suspicious of what she terms herb, as it smells rather like a certain ‘’weed’’ which is a worry.
‘Catriona has made clootie dump and cranachan, liberally bathed in whiskey. That is quite acceptable I think?
And finally from Clodagh we have plum pudding and roast pork, yum
This is just from the ladies, I am left wondering what the fellas have concealed in the secret cupboard under the staircase.
‘Oh my, it’s going to be a troubled 5 weeks until Christmas at this date I can see.
‘As for the dress changes, I’m not committing to anything just yet.
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