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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022

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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022 :knitting1:

I seem to be getting earlier and earlier posting the new week, but I’m always afraid as the night goes on that I’ll forget altogether! So here we are early as usual - and to be honest “early” is not usually my “usual”, I’m more inclined the opposite!

Summary of Friday 11th November, 2022 by Darowil
The summary and following lists are a summary of last week's Tea Party and are of more value to the regulars here unable to keep up with all the chatter than to newbies - who are very welcome to join us at any time just by speaking up and making yourself known. All the pages etc refer to last week’s Tea Party Knitting Tea Party, Friday 11th November, 2022

A lot more pages this week than we have had for a while but mainly general chit-chat this week.

Kate has been referred for an endoscopy although the nausea has now gone. 🤞🏻

Flyty1n had a MRI this week to work out what is wrong with her leg - no wonder she has had pain as she has a break and a meniscal tear. Fracture is well aligned and only a small tear so no treatment other than Tylenol/paracetamol and walking only as tolerable without too much pain.

Machristie came back from her weekend away unwell - and remains unwell.

Jazzy has been looking after her grandson this week and so has been around very little. Now back home.

Poledra has finally done the last of her farm work - and tells us she is not going to do it next year!

Grandies are growing up quickly with one reaching double figures, twins reaching two and two young ones becoming mobile - Matthias especially. Some weeks just seem to make the KP grandies growing up show up so clearly.

PHOTOS by Kate
1 - Fan - Amaryllis and geranium plants
3 - Darowil - Wet back yard
4 - Swedenme - April & Annabelle
5 - Maatje - Gus
6 - JoRae - Roxy
12 - Darowil - Bridges and flood debris
16 - Fan - 1940s pattern book / Mini pink rose
20 - Bonnie - Slippers and towels
22 - Fan - Tomten for a neighbour
23 - Fan - Tomten completed
23 - Bonnie - Mukluks
31 - Kate - “Birthday Cupcake” for Mindy
33 - Kate - Luke & Liam
34 - Fan - Female tomten
36 - Fan - Completed tomtens
40 - Sugarsugar - Crochet Christmas penguin (link below)
41 - JoRae - Pot holders / Double knitting hat
44 - Swedenme - Knitted Nutcracker doll / Cowl & mitts
53 - Alibee - Knitted sunflowers

18 - Tami - How to sew with metallic thread (link)
20 - Bonnie - Vintage knitting books (link)
50 - Sugarsugar - Pew the crochet penguin pattern (link)

20 - Bonnie - Pavlova Christmas tree (link)

14 - MindyT - Watering Christmas Cacti (link)
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Thanks, Kate and Margaret for starting us off. Very much appreciated! Had to say how beautiful Alibee's sunflowers are (at the end of the previous KTP. I'm sure the student will be so appreciative. Having so many of them together gives a really nice effect.
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You would think it was their responsibility to fix it but they waited until he paid, then told him so he didn’t have any leverage on them. You would think they would have insurance for this but app not
He could threaten to describe what happened on the local FB page and give the business some bad publicity---maybe that would help them see the light. It is so unfair!
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Thankyou ladies once again. Another wet day here today... it is just starting to fine up a bit mid afternoon, but more forecast tonight if it happens. Well DD and both girls have just tested positive for covid (again they had it in Feb) , and I had Penelope here yesterday for a few hours... at least we were mainly outside though as it was a nice day so fingers crossed I don't get it too. So far Penelope has no symptoms, Serena a slight runny nose and DD has the bad headache... which is why tested in the first place.

Bonnie.... I posted at the end of last week to note that the pattern says to use black for penguin feet but I did use yellow. Edit... also I used white where the pattern said cream.
Hope you avoid it and that your family have only mild cases.
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We very seldom eat dessert but tonight I had a craving for something sweet so I made this apple dessert. I thought I would share the recipe because it's fast, economical and light. No idea what to call it but I've had the recipe since the mid 70s.

2/3 cup white sugar
1 cup apple, peeled, cored and diced (I just use the whole apple) NOTE: use a good cooking apple like MacIntosh
1 egg, well beaten
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Combine the apple and sugar in a bowl with a spatula until sugar is moist. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Combine dry ingredients and add to the apple mixture, fold in chopped nuts. Spread in a greased 9" pie plate, bake 30 minutes at 350°F. Serve warm or room temp.

I've made this successfully with Robin Hood gluten free flour if you need to substitute.
View attachment 1267389
Thanks--this sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.
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good morning. Not as cold as other mornings. 7:30 and 22*. But looks like the sun will shine today so should be a wonderful day. I have no where to go or be today. Yay! I suppose I could work outside but I’m not going to rake any more leaves…. I’m afraid at this point will also rake up too much of the bark. So the rest of the leaves will need to decay and provide mulch. Angela, sounds like your day was perfect! And a well informed guide is a godsend. 2 hours sounds just long enough. At least that’s my limit…anything after that my brain goes into overload and doesn’t take any else in. Strawberry Sharon, those machines are wonderful. My mom had a similar old one when we immigrated. She traded it in for a new singer machine….that was back when singer was still a good name. One of my DD’s now has that machine and it still works very well. I hope you will follow the advice of the others here regarding your shoulder surgery. Wishing you a good outcome. I must update you on my little grandson who had his food stolen at school. He is doing so much better and the reading has now definitely clicked! As has the spelling. Everyone is thrilled for him. Bonnie, I hope you ds has his truck fixed soon. I can imagine that’s a tricky job. And I sure hope the mechanics place coughs up the deductible. Otherwise like mentioned, maybe a small claims court and lots of free advertising on your sons part. Well, I’m going to get going. Hope y’all have a good day or night.
So glad to hear about your grandson.
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I certainly will! And I will be making the whole train, but who knows how long it will take. I'll post pictures.
Glad that you found a glasses solution. DD had to do some experimenting after his cataract surgery but he is now wearing bifocals with basically clear glass on top and reading glasses on the bottom. He could not get used to separate reading glasses. This works well for him.
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Have you tried the Giridelli chocolate chips? you might change your mind.
I like the Ghirardelli chips too. And their brownie mix also. DD always keeps a box or two on hand for emergency desserts. We usually have pecans in the freezer---we order from an orchard in DD's hometown in Texas---and they are great added to the brownie mix.
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We get our Pfizer bivalent booster in three weeks, and in the meantime trying to play it safe. Hospitals are full of kids with RSV, the flu is starting to take off and people are still dying of one form of COVID or another. It's going to be a loooong winter again 😟
I think you're right. And another variant apparently has appeared. We do feel safer having had the booster, but are still careful.
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Thanks for playing my nutty games re the Tomten a bit of silliness is fun and great to get your input.
It's so much fun!
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Sometimes everything going on makes one want to just hunker down in the castle with the drawbridge raised up against the world. I know there have always been thieves and criminals, but the impact of their activities on the rest of us seems to be increasing all the time with new ways to profit from crime.
We had a rash of thefts from our big blue mailboxes---some at the outside of the post office, others around the city. Apparently someone stole a master key and was able to open them. The thieves then stole envelopes with checks and altered the checks. Some people were arrested but it is still a worry. We've been advised to either hand important mail to a mail carrier or take it inside at a post office. So now we are concerned with credit card transactions (hacking) and bank checks. I do use online banking and just hope that's secure.
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This what it looks like at the moment , I've got most of the bits done just need to finish the face and sew the bits altogether debating wether to add a pom pom View attachment 1267579
So cute!
We're in Delaware for Thanksgiving and I may not be able to keep up here. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. and hope everyone everywhere has a good end of fall and start of the holiday season.
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