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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022

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Knitting Tea Party, Friday 18th November, 2022 :knitting1:

I seem to be getting earlier and earlier posting the new week, but I’m always afraid as the night goes on that I’ll forget altogether! So here we are early as usual - and to be honest “early” is not usually my “usual”, I’m more inclined the opposite!

Summary of Friday 11th November, 2022 by Darowil
The summary and following lists are a summary of last week's Tea Party and are of more value to the regulars here unable to keep up with all the chatter than to newbies - who are very welcome to join us at any time just by speaking up and making yourself known. All the pages etc refer to last week’s Tea Party Knitting Tea Party, Friday 11th November, 2022

A lot more pages this week than we have had for a while but mainly general chit-chat this week.

Kate has been referred for an endoscopy although the nausea has now gone. 🤞🏻

Flyty1n had a MRI this week to work out what is wrong with her leg - no wonder she has had pain as she has a break and a meniscal tear. Fracture is well aligned and only a small tear so no treatment other than Tylenol/paracetamol and walking only as tolerable without too much pain.

Machristie came back from her weekend away unwell - and remains unwell.

Jazzy has been looking after her grandson this week and so has been around very little. Now back home.

Poledra has finally done the last of her farm work - and tells us she is not going to do it next year!

Grandies are growing up quickly with one reaching double figures, twins reaching two and two young ones becoming mobile - Matthias especially. Some weeks just seem to make the KP grandies growing up show up so clearly.

PHOTOS by Kate
1 - Fan - Amaryllis and geranium plants
3 - Darowil - Wet back yard
4 - Swedenme - April & Annabelle
5 - Maatje - Gus
6 - JoRae - Roxy
12 - Darowil - Bridges and flood debris
16 - Fan - 1940s pattern book / Mini pink rose
20 - Bonnie - Slippers and towels
22 - Fan - Tomten for a neighbour
23 - Fan - Tomten completed
23 - Bonnie - Mukluks
31 - Kate - “Birthday Cupcake” for Mindy
33 - Kate - Luke & Liam
34 - Fan - Female tomten
36 - Fan - Completed tomtens
40 - Sugarsugar - Crochet Christmas penguin (link below)
41 - JoRae - Pot holders / Double knitting hat
44 - Swedenme - Knitted Nutcracker doll / Cowl & mitts
53 - Alibee - Knitted sunflowers

18 - Tami - How to sew with metallic thread (link)
20 - Bonnie - Vintage knitting books (link)
50 - Sugarsugar - Pew the crochet penguin pattern (link)

20 - Bonnie - Pavlova Christmas tree (link)

14 - MindyT - Watering Christmas Cacti (link)
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Yoga today in a bit. Lovely day for it.
I vote for a pom pom. Such a cute little guy.
Jazzy, lucky you for moving when you did. Can't imagine that kind of shoveling when it's already so cold.
Sonja, you mentioned the World Cup Soccer. Is that what is going on in Qatar? Seems controversial about the building of the statidum...lots of workers died? Read nothing about it until the opening. Very strange goings on banning alcohol from the spectators, etc.
America vs. Wales today NPR said. Should be interesting since only one of US players has ever been in a world game.
Not so much the banning alcohol as it is an almost dry country-so IMHO they had the right to say no alcohol . But they had made agreements as to where and when it could be sold at the stadium and then 2 days before it started they reneged on the agreement. And that I don't believe was right, stick to the agreement you made. Rather ironic that one of the major sponsors is Budweiser!
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Yes, insanity, I think the people are still around but they got used to staying home & getting a cheque during Covid & now won’t go to work unless a really big wage, at least that seems to be the problem here Especially with minimum wage jobs. I can sort of understand women with young kids not wanting to take a low paying job because child care expenses are crazy. Our government is supposed to be bringing in a national child care program where people would only pay $10/day & the rest would be subsidized but the child must go to an “ approved day care”. Which small towns don’t have. I think it’s a good idea but it needs to benefit rural people too since we will help pay for it.
Our Local bar has an attached restaurant & it is only open for supper because they can’t get help. We have A coffee shop in town thats quite popular but it’s closing for the winter.
In England 'approved day care' can include day care in the home. The friend from when we lived in England has done day care since her kids were little- she did all the time I knew her until Covid she did a bit once they were allowed to operate again but when she reached the point of no kids she decided not to take on any more and has now retired. But any of the child care benefits that apply also applied to her.
It does of course result in more paper work etc- and standards to keep to. Which is mainly to the benefit of the child. With a caring committed carer like my friend this can actually be a hinderance but it does make sure those less committed are made to keep up to standard.
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My oldest son used to pick a couple of big stalks from the neighbor's plant so I could make a rhubarb custard pie for him and me. It was growing in the back outside the fence so we figured it was fair game.
Well here if outside the fence it is common property so nothing wrong with cutting them off at the fence line.
Thank you for asking about DH. He says every day that he has never been so happy. He's new to helping around the house but catching on quickly to so many things. It sure has made life so much easier for me too. I'm thinking it was 1/2 my almost dying and 1/2 changing life so much. He really seems happy and enjoying life so much. We'll be married 57 years this January and life has never been more enjoyable. When he says he never knew he could be so happy and I say the same thing.
So pleased for you both! 💕
Nor me. Long may it last.
Nor me! Although it’s becoming easier to count who hasn’t had it rather than who has!
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Just had a lovely long chat with my brother and his wife in NZ, over an hour, lol!
What they are telling me now is that they will pick me up in Auckland eventually, as I’m planning to meet up with Fran then a couple of other friends who live up in that area.
They will then take me on a tour around the North Island, then take me down to the South Island and we will tour down there. WOW, talk about a change in plans, but would be really lovely.
I had intended asking my eldest sister to do basically the same with me but she is now having a kidney removed February 27th. Major operation for her as she is also a diabetic. She’s also 85. 😳😁👍. But we are all trying to stay positive for her.
That is big surgery for her.
When are you planning on heading down south? Sounds like a nice time with your bother and his wife and you will get to see plenty.
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This is my Christmas pillow, love the wording lol! View attachment 1267801
That's really good. And funny. 🎅
Thank you for asking about DH. He says every day that he has never been so happy. He's new to helping around the house but catching on quickly to so many things. It sure has made life so much easier for me too. I'm thinking it was 1/2 my almost dying and 1/2 changing life so much. He really seems happy and enjoying life so much. We'll be married 57 years this January and life has never been more enjoyable. When he says he never knew he could be so happy and I say the same thing.
Isn't that wonderful that He is so happy? Doesn't sound like He is finding retirement boring which is good for both of you. And how fantastic that He is so helpful and supportive of you.
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You are a busy lady. Slightly warmer today and only a little rain, still windy but not as fierce. Still wearing Winter clothes though... lol. Oh and still testing negative (day 4) and no symptoms.
We have 30 forecast for Friday- but the only day over 25 for about 10 days. And yes winter clothes today but not as cold as yesterday.
Sonya's DH will not be happy- no chance of England winning this game.
they’re not tasty…rather like bad liver.
Is there such a thing as good liver?🤢😅
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Are you sure they didn't find the way themselves? They're pretty good navigators 😅
Curiosity got the better of me so I had to look up when they first arrived here. Apparently a wealthy business man brought a pair back in the 17th century as ornamental birds in his stately home.
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I live in the middle of 2 lakes both man made I know one is part of the old Victorian farming estate I would expect the other is too , the geese come in droves mainly to just one of the lakes but they are never any problem ,
Around here, it looks like thousands of geese don't bother to migrate. With the greenbelt, wetlands and river so close, we see them all the time flying from one place to another, always honking. If they weren't so messy, I don't think people would mind them as much because I think they're beautiful birds.
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It’s crazy weather over here too, I’ve had to wear warm clothes the last few days as it’s been so wet, but not too cold 20C most days.
Another thunder storm on the horizon tonight and high winds in the mix.
I hope you don't get any wind damage from the storms, it's always such a mess to clean up after. We had snow squalls go through last night and when you're halfway to the sky, there's not much protection from the wind. Have to go secure the furniture on the balcony today before it gets damaged.
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Curiosity got the better of me so I had to look up when they first arrived here. Apparently a wealthy business man brought a pair back in the 17th century as ornamental birds in his stately home.
I would call that payback for all the non native species of plants, insects and animals that were introduced to North America by Europeans who missed the old country 😅
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Thanks- might try that as I still have rhubarb- I just need to find some spare time somewhere.
My free day Saturday has gone. Going to catch up with a friend whose mother has just passed away with Covid.
Sad of course for her own loss but knows her mother is now in a much better place. Mine you she is in her late 60s and has just lost her first parent so she has had them for a long time. And they only a month ago moved out of their home-though they had required a lot of help before then.
Funeral Monday.
That is so sad for your friend. It's nice that she has you for a friend. Kind and loving people around her will be a comfort. You may not know this, but do you know if the mother had the Covid shot and still died?
I'm sitting here laughing, Ryssa took the big Himalayan dog chew up onto the sofa, she had to have help as it's so big, and then dropped it on the floor twice, on purpose I think, then put it on David's leg, and climbed into his lap, so he's now got Ryssa on one leg and the chewy on the other. lol
has who trained? 🤣
We did a bunch of yard work earlier, got the last of the daffy's planted, and about 20 more of the crocus, the rest are in the garage with the glad bulbs I dug up, for replanting.
Sesame chicken for dinner, yum, it came out great, now to catch up with you all and knit.
Thanks for that info. Just bought XL Himalayan chews for son's dog, Rocco.
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Freezing fog around this morning , bitterly cold and we had to get the de icer out for the car , windows wouldn't work as frozen , I think winter is on its way , Mayo wasn't to keen to go outside yesterday as she doesn't like getting her paws wet, she literally tippy toed🤣, son said the day before she took one step out the door realised it was raining and jumped back on her bed under the blanket , this is the same dog that won't think twice about running in the North Sea, jumping in the pond or even the fountain 😆
Amazing the different personalities dogs have. This is sort of connected. When DS was just here, he reminded me of when Benji, our West Highland Terrier found the hand sewn quilt I made DS and chewed it up. He literally had to take other blankets off to get to that particular one. Son was laughing as he quoted me saying to him that if he didn't take over feeding, etc. of the dog it wouldn't get done. Took me a while to get over that one. He really made a mess of it too. I think he was jealous of all the time I spent making it and I had it spread out on the floor and wouldn't let him walk on it. They are quite intelligent, If we traveled, which we did a lot of with DH's work, he would totally ignore me when I picked him up from the kennel. He would look the other way when I tried to talk with him. We had adopted him and perhaps he felt he was being adopted out again. Cute little guy but he sure did get up to some mischief.
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Well, off to the urologist's office today. Bladder spasms again. Ugh. They're going to get a catheter sample...I don't have time to be sick now but it's always the weekend or holiday when I get bad, so trying to take care of it now. I'm so happy that my sister and her DH are coming up for Thanksgiving. Yay!!! I'm going to give her the Family Bible I gave to our mom and dad. It is an old-fashioned one, large and beautifully illustrated. For some reason mom wrote her friends in it instead of relatives. I was already married and living elsewhere so these friend don't have any meaning for me. My two sisters were raised with these friends of mom's, so it will be meaningful to them. I'm excited to give it to her.
I've been up since 3am, so I'd better get in and get showered before the office calls and tells me what time to come.
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Thanks for all the encouraging words about DH and his starting to settle into his retirement. He had me worried for a while. I think my being sick aged him a lot. Last doctor's appointment they said I can have 2 more years of treatment and then they stop. He said the cancer will activate again. I'm sure they will try other treatments then. Guess after a while the treatment isn't as effective and has to be changed. I need to ask him more about that but of course I didn't ask when I had the chance. Just looked at him with a smile on my face....I need to be more responsive but perhaps go into a little shock. I guess new treatments are coming up all the time so that will be decided in 2 years. I did get the ok from him to go out to stores if I wear a KN95 mask indoors.
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