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Viwstitcher said:
Hello to all you lace crazed ladies (me included). When it comes to shawls, what type is your favorite to Knit and your color preferences?

Are you a design repeater-short or long repeats, no repeats in your designs or patterning on every row? Do you like circle, semicircle, triangle or rectangle? Do you like to use plain colors or tonal or do you like veriagated or the newer gradients?

There are so many options I would kind of like to see where our lacy ladies come in. One last thing, because this can give us some new things to check out, who are your favorite designers?
I have recently made a crescent shawl and decided I prefer rectangles and triangles.
I like triangles that have a lace edge with little or no lace in the main.
I don't mind pattern stitch or row length, different challenges for different occasions
I have only done pattern one way, purl back
My preference is for plain colours, greens, blues...
I have made designs by Dee O'Keefe, Elizabeth Lovick, Nancy Bush and Anniken Allis among others
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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