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Lace Party Aug 13 to Aug 28 WIP and Hawaii with Babalou

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Greetings Lace Party-ers and guests. A note to the newcomers: the Lace Party grew out of a workshop hosted by Dragonflylace (a/k/a DFL). The workshop is still here on KP. Everyone is welcome to join us as often as you like at the Lace Party. We share our daily goings-on and, of course, our knitting projects. We do love to see photos, finished projects or WIPs. If you have a question, just ask; someone is sure to answer. Every two weeks, on a pre-arranged schedule, someone hosts a new Lace Party. Sometimes we work on the same project, but we always share whatever we are working on, lace or not. We hope you will join us.

You are invited to join us in knitting lace and sharing your projects. We enjoy pictures, seeing progress Our main requirement is mutual respect for everyone.

This session we are working on WIPs and seeing pictures from my trip to Hawaii. I think we all have things we are trying to finish.

In February, my DH and I decided to spend a month on the big island of Kona in Hawaii. He is an outside kind of guy and feels trapped in the winter. We managed it by inviting our very close friends to spend part of the month with us. My DH is the seeker of great places to stay and found an oceanfront condo for us in Kailua-Kona. One evening I was catching up on the phone with my wonderful friend, Kathleen, in Houston. We decided to have a real girly conversation with wine. As the conversation went on, she asked what trips we were planning. Eventually, I blurted out "you should come for a week!" It took her about 10 seconds to say, "are you kidding me?" And the rest is history.


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Great pics Barbara .I am here with you .
Hello Mossstitch .Look for your watched topics and you will find Lace Party .I found the hardest thing was remembering who was who . The next two weeks we are concentrating on WIPs while Barbara talks of her holiday .Sometimes we will be trying something different to knit but no oobligation to join the project ,just be there
My grandson is staying ,he is sleeping in so I am still in my nightwear but have blocked a shawl this morning .
Have to think of things to entertain him otherwise he will want to be using his technological gadgets !The wonderful advancements have taken away the outdoor life for many children .Thankfully my grand children are encouraged to take part in a variety of outdoor pursuits .
DFL that truly is a beautiful gown .
Hope the new people add their thoughts and pictures .
Thanks ,Linda .Managing to keep him busy and is out with a neighbours son at the mo .She will be happy has her boy spends every available minute on his Playstation .My DS and DIL limit their time on such things .After tea we will go to the park as it is usually quiet at that time .We eat quite early and I suspect many are eating when we go .
ETA. I was going to say they were at the table but many have abandoned that for eating while watching TV .
Janet Lee much better colour .I believe orange is the new black .I will have to resurrect the orange skirt ,worn once ,bought a few years ago.
Sue ..have a super time with all the family .
Barbara ..great summit pics .
Finished a shawl ,blocked and waiting for the sun to re appear to take pic.
Super Julie.I fancy that pattern.Shake the cold off.
Thanks Barbara for pics.
The recent shawl.


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So many commented on my shawl so I shall do a communal very many thanks for your kind words .
Norma ...naughty DH using child labour .????Set the bees on him .
I picked bilberries ,sometimes called winberries ,as a teen as DF loved them in pies .Thought there would be some near you Norma .
Hope your knitting does well DeEtta .Trouble with some of these things is if the judge knows an entrant you have no chance .
The person you need is Tricia .She is a dab hand with cows !
Barbara ,how great to get close and personal to a turtle .My best is dolphins .
It was something I had always fancied so achieved a goal.
I am in a dip in knitting .Tried winding some yarn which kept trapping in the gubbins .After sorting that this morning I have finally made a decision to wind another for a shawl .Need to get to the post first .
Beautiful butterfly Caryn and even knitting.
Looks as if it would make a very fine shawl/scarf or what you will Tanya .
Tanya ,there is quite a story to that pattern.It was originally called Cuba Libre but the designer is English and Americans who were purchasing it were grumbling about it taking so long to arrive .It turned out it was under scrutiny by the USA authorities because of the name so she changed it to Rum and Coke but the latter word had drug intonations so it is now Rum and Cola by BooKnits .It is the first of her beginner patterns but ideal not to have to concentrate .
Hope you get to see lots of wild life Ronie .
Your blocks look great De Etta .
Thank you Linda .
Thank you Barbaras ' man for some delightful pictures .Lovely cardi and I can see a cat and a bird have been produced by chance .Can anyone else see them ?I am always seeing things .That type of yarn is amazing how it makes patterns .
Tanya ,it may be Voodoo which Jane and I made and possibly others here .I have just started another of hers called Mustard Seed.It appears very similar to the one I just finished with a fairly plain main body far anyway .When will you have to start on the building job?
Did you enjoy the ride Ronie ?
Forgot to mention DeEtta .Have you any experience of Lego ?My autistic GS is absolutely crazy about it and makes the most complicated models without looking at the instuctions .It can appear a simplistic thing but believe me it is not for those who take it seriously .I am not jumping on your comment ,please don't think I am ,I am only trying to clarify why it may be one of the classes .
De Etta ...have you any experience of Lego ? Here is a picture of a kit my autistic GS made without using the instructions .It is a full working model and quite complex .I can see why there would be a group for it .It apoears to be simple but can be complex .I am ,in no way ,jumping on your comment .Please don't think that .
Tanya ,Jane and I and possibly a few others here made Voodoo by Boo and I have started Mustard Seed to-day .The latter appears very similar to Rum and Cola .
Your DH has an eye for the right scene Barbara .Pretty pics .
Did you have a great trip Ronie ?
Julie ,has your gansey arrived at its'destination? Bet the recipient was chuffed .


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Ronie ,the tree made me do a double take .Super pics and so good for you to have had such an interesting day.
Happy the sweater arrived Julie .
Bonnie ,the colours are lovely .My children had a farm set and we collected the machinery which was made by A company starting with B .I had as much pleasure as they did going and choosing some more animals etc .
Underwear buttons brings to mind the little tops I used to wear .Liberty bodice .There were small buttons all down the front but they were only decorative but really not pretty buttons .
I usually cut buttons off if throwing something away but have heard the Charity shops often have things with great buttons so it can be a cheap way of acquiring them .
Staying at the top of the hill would be my choice too Barbara .
Staying at the top of the hill would be my choice too Barbara .
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