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Lace Party Aug 13 to Aug 28 WIP and Hawaii with Babalou

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Greetings Lace Party-ers and guests. A note to the newcomers: the Lace Party grew out of a workshop hosted by Dragonflylace (a/k/a DFL). The workshop is still here on KP. Everyone is welcome to join us as often as you like at the Lace Party. We share our daily goings-on and, of course, our knitting projects. We do love to see photos, finished projects or WIPs. If you have a question, just ask; someone is sure to answer. Every two weeks, on a pre-arranged schedule, someone hosts a new Lace Party. Sometimes we work on the same project, but we always share whatever we are working on, lace or not. We hope you will join us.

You are invited to join us in knitting lace and sharing your projects. We enjoy pictures, seeing progress Our main requirement is mutual respect for everyone.

This session we are working on WIPs and seeing pictures from my trip to Hawaii. I think we all have things we are trying to finish.

In February, my DH and I decided to spend a month on the big island of Kona in Hawaii. He is an outside kind of guy and feels trapped in the winter. We managed it by inviting our very close friends to spend part of the month with us. My DH is the seeker of great places to stay and found an oceanfront condo for us in Kailua-Kona. One evening I was catching up on the phone with my wonderful friend, Kathleen, in Houston. We decided to have a real girly conversation with wine. As the conversation went on, she asked what trips we were planning. Eventually, I blurted out "you should come for a week!" It took her about 10 seconds to say, "are you kidding me?" And the rest is history.


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mossstitch said:
Beautiful pictures .
How does one hook up with the lace party ??
Hi -- Mossstitch. All you have to do is follow along. Most of us "Watch" the discussion so we get e-mail notices when new messages are posted. Every 2 weeks we start a new discussion in the SWAP..... etc section. The name of each discussion starts with "Lace Party". I hope you will continue to join us and please jump in with your comments. We'd love to get to know you a bit better. The group is very warm and welcoming and we are all lace addicts and enjoy enabling each other. You'll also see that our interests are far ranging and we freely share those interests too. The one thing that has been consistently true since the beginning is that we enjoy each other and do what we can to help our fellow lace knitters and KP'rs.

So, please jump in. We'd love to meet you.
Lizmossstitch said:
Thanks so much Belle1 ,I hope I can figure out how to join in . I Have been knitting forever but made my first lace scarf just a few years ago ,I took a class first . I LOVE the beautiful shawls I have seen on KP . I took the Laura Nelkin class on Craftsy once ,I had to give up because I could not use stitch markers . Those are essential for me .
Liz -- Since we are all friends/nearly family, many refer to me as DeEtta which is my real name and you are welcome to also. As for markers --- I can't knit without them. They are like my third and fourth hand and maybe my mind too. Have you found your way with them yet?
KittyChris said:
DeEtta, as I speed read through the last LP I don't remember seeing if you were able to get your tablecloth - blanket to the fair. Did it make the journey?

I have spent last weekend at my sister's house and will again this coming weekend. I was busy sewing curtains for her daughter's room. We did spend a few hours at the beach again in the morning Friday and left by 1 pm. Hence the need to speed read today.
Chris -- I did get it bundled up along with the other pieces and yesterday (Sunday), Laury and I drove them to central OR to meet up with Laury's daughter. We gave all the stuff to them and the daughter is supposed to deliver to the fair grounds at the end of this week. So fingers crossed- I hope they arrive okay. thanks for asking.
tamarque said:
DeEtta--great to hear you got everything packed up and delivered. Lots of luck with the pieces getting set up well and that you take some prizes
Thanks -- Was just trying to catch up when I looked out my office window and saw a calf by itself in an area we call the barnyard. It was also there Saturday night by itself. Yesterday I saw a couple of cows elsewhere on the property just as we were leaving to deliver the fair goodies. Didn't see them when I returned last night or this morning. But it looks like I have someone's stock on the property. I don't really mind, except there is no available water within my fences and that calf has been too long without his/her Mom. One of the ranchers brought a small herd by last Friday and didn't bother to close the gates -- so it looks like I have a portion of their group, but have no idea who the animals belong to. Honestly, this ticks me off a bit, because the animals aren't being handled well. We have some young people in the valley now who seems to be very cavalier about this kind of thing. I don't want to turn into a grump, but I also don't want their stock getting stranded inside my fences and then tearing the fences down to get out so they can reach water. URgh!!!

Sorry for the venting, but honestly!!! A calf's value is about $500 and a cow more than double that. I just can't imagine being so careless of either life or property.
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annweb said:
Super Julie.I fancy that pattern.Shake the cold off.
Thanks Barbara for pics.
The recent shawl.
Ann -- I forgot to mention your shawl -- lovely and I really like the border -- it reminds me or arabesques.
tamarque said:
Don't know if this was seen as it was in the wrong place in the reply made last nite--I was sooo tired, so excuse me if you did see this:

It is also cruel to the animals. I get pissed, too, when people move and just leave their pets to wander around. That is how I got my last cat, Tiny, who transitioned 2 yrs ago. Wow, cannot imagine it being so long. I still 'see' him on the property and one of the neighbors cats that he palled with still hangs out here. There must be some way to find out who owns the cows. When I lived on this farm that a friend rented her hogs would constantly break out of their pen. A 125 acre piece of property, these hogs would make a bee line for the neighbors manicured lawn and dig it up in a flash. That owner would bring charges against my friend all the time when this happened. There must be some kind of process to help deal with this problem.
Tanya -- didn't see the message earlier but saw where you tried to leave one -- it was late at night that's for sure. My challenge is that I don't recognize a lot of people now when they go by on their horses and I'm far enough off the road that I can't see brands. So last night after venting, I picked up the phone and called one of the two possible groups -- of course, I called the wrong one, but the young man I talked to said he would pass on the message. So maybe today they will come and try and find their critters. Unfortunately, I'll be in town (its a Mom visit day) so what will happen is that if they show up at all, I won't be here to tell them anything, they'll look around casually, and then leave. Nothing will have been resolved. It seems that the prevailing attitude is that a few will always be lost when you have large herds and it isn't worth the effort to deal with it. Like I said ealier, rather cavalier.

Enough of that. I can't change it and unless I'm prepared to keep my driveway gate always closed, it will continue to happen.

On a brighter note, I've been playing around with a pattern that I stumbled across for using up scrap yarn. Basically it is a log cabin quilt design done in garter stitch. Thought this might be a good way to use up some more of that Caron Simply Soft that I want to purge from my stash.


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Bonnie7591 said:
That looks great but I can't imagine how long it will take to knit enough for a blanket, at least for me.
I was gifted a garbage bag full of yarn, my friends aunt died & she doesn't knit, I decided since it was a gift, I would pay it forward. I've been knitting hats & mitts & donating them to the local school for kids who show up without any. This is the 4 th years, so far I've got 4 hats & 6 or of mitts, I'll take them to the school when the snow comes.
That's great, Bonnie. Actually, it isn't taking that long since it is just knitting, no increases, decreases, graphs, color changes or anything else time consuming. I have an idea for joining the blocks that I want to play with and if it works, then I won't even have to sew it up--wouldn't that be great. For right now, I just turn my fingers loose and so "go girls" and then I can think about something else. Will keep all of you informed as I either tank or complete this project.
Ronie said:
DeEtta that looks nice... if you did it in the traditional way of the log cabin you could make a very pretty design.. I don't have a log cabin quilt book but I know that the way of turning them can be quite stunning... or are you going to continue on and add to this and make it one big block?? I have seen those too...
Ronnie -- my first thought was to do 9 or 12 blocks. Having done the first block, it turned out to be about 13.5" so a 3x3 would be fine for a small afghan but a 3x4 would probably be better. The original pattern had borders around each block and around the outside of the whole thing and I was thinking of using the pale yellow which I decided to use in all the centers of the blocks. My colors are a bit insipid, but it is what I have and the goal is to use what I have and NOT get more. I can finalize all these thoughts when the time gets closer, but in the meantime it is going actually pretty fast considering. However, having thought this through, I can imagine color combos that would be marvelously striking that I would so much better enjoy -- but again, NO BUYING MORE YARN. I think that has become my mantra -- or at least it should be.
tamarque said:
DeEtta--that log cabin is a great design--a classic by now. Great idea to use up the Caron yarn that way and may do the same thing as I have been stewing around about what to make that would work as a gift for little kids. Frankie Brown's 10 st blankets are ones that I have wanted to try out and maybe that would be the ticket.

Sorry the cow issue isn't getting resolved easily. I would call this person back to say you will not be home on a given day and ask that they come the next day or whenever you can work it out soon.
Tanya -- I've done the Frankie's 10 stitch blanket and it was pretty easy and very easy once I master knitting back without turning the piece. But of the 2 I think the log cabin would be faster overall. I'm also thinking that the size of the blocks could be reduced proportionately and it would visually more suitable for young kids.
triciad19 said:
I'm trying to figure out how to use them for lawn mowers without damage to the lawn, garden or the "mess." :sm15:
Might try the sherrif. If they are branded he should be able to identify the brand owner.
Once identified you can tell them the option come get them and repair any damage or you will sell it/them for pasture and damage. However if it is open range there that won't work. I would check with the sheriff first.
Tricia -- It is open range and the critters are what I would call close to "wild." Getting close enough to one to read a brand would be difficult and I'm not sure the young ones have been branded. Not only can I not "keep" what is on my land, I have to pay for any fence damage because out here the law is interpreted that one fences one's property to keep something OUT. Go figure.

In any case, the rancher showed up this morning before I went to town. Was really nice about it (of course, no apologies, but at least a thank you). I explained what I saw and also pointed out to him the gates on the fences and why I suggested that they close my driveway gates when moving cows -- otherwise, there is a straight shot onto Federal lands and heaven only knows how it is fenced. He admitted that a couple of the local 4-H'rs (in the US, i4-H is a youth organization. Each 4-H group is focused on a topic -- for the one I referencee, a kid raises a steer for the county fair. Once it is judged then it is sold at public auction and the kid gets the proceeds), are missing their steers which were moved in the group last Friday -- so the hunt is on to find the missing animals (hence the response to my "heads-up"). In any case, when I left for town, he was roaming around my property and heading for the BLM lands to check for animals. I have no idea if he found anything. So for the moment, case is presumably closed until the next time.
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triciad19 said:
With a little planning secondary designs can be created. Wave, diamond, and others. It a play of light and dark more than color.
Tradition was the center block was red to represent the hearth.

Some design ideas for lighttdark placement
Oh Wow!!! Just look at all that lovely quilting -- so much variety -- an endless opportunity for fun and experimentation. thank you so much. Just wonderful.
Babalou said:
How about some turtles today? These were taken in the tide pool just outside our condo. Kathleen, my friend, is the person in the pictures. In the first picture, you can see the turtle's back. We were really rooting for the turtle to get on the rock. Such a challenge for them. The last picture is of black spiny sea urchins. You really don't want to step on them.
Barb -- I was just watching a documentary which showed some green sea turtles -- to my eyes they look just like your turtle. So exciting to see in person, I'll bet. Thanks for sharing this and all the other pictures. Looking forward to more -- soon I hope.
Ronie said:
I think it will be fine.. I do the same thing... I start to rethink my color choices as I am going along.. I think your miss match of colors will look nice... with all yellow centers!! that will tie it all together.. :sm01:
Got another square done last night. I continue to think that using the same yarn for the centers as for the outside edges on the blocks (those edges will form a window frame around the blocks) will add the balance I think is needed. By rotating the colors in sequence, there is variety but balance, too. Looking forward to seeing more of this done. Some projects just seem to unfold into a final whole which may or may not match my mental image. Have to run -- today is the monthly girls day and I need to get a couple of pear tarts baked. The first one will be a chocolate pear tart and if I can get to the second it will be an almond pear tart. Catch up with all of you later.


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Bonnie7591 said:
Hope they find the calf & get it reunited with mom. It will be a great loss for the kid if they can't find the 4-H calf, here the proceeds from those calls is often used as an education fund for kids involved in it.

We also have 4H here, a very active beef club. Also horsemanship clubs. When I was young there were also ? Homemaking skills clubs- sewing cooking, crafts etc, I know there isn't one like that here now maybe they are all gone.which is sad.
Bonnie -- we still have the "domestic arts" clubs here. I think it may be more a function of interest and available leaders. A couple of years ago there was a club for Legos, of all things. Sewing, leatherwork, animals of all kinds seem to be most populated clubs. Back in my day (the stone age), 4-H was what we did in the winter and fair time was a big deal with live demonstrations, etc. But here the animal clubs are more active in the winter, but the other clubs don't even get started until March. It seems a mighty short period to learn a new skill and get ready for fair in the late summer. I had thought one day that I might get involved but the demand isn't there and all of the non-animal clubs are located in Lakeview which is just too far away for me.
Babalou said:
You elicited a smile from him when I read your comment to him.

FINALLY finished my DIL's sweater. It was meant for Christmas.....last year. The pattern is "Pretty Lacey Cardi" from Maddy Laine. I particularly like the button I found for it, if you can see it in the picture.
Very nice cardigan. I like the effect of the color changes. Should be pretty versatile. Christmas is a state of mind -- not a specific data -- or at least that is my position and I'm not changing it; so you are right on time.
annweb said:
Forgot to mention DeEtta .Have you any experience of Lego ?My autistic GS is absolutely crazy about it and makes the most complicated models without looking at the instuctions .It can appear a simplistic thing but believe me it is not for those who take it seriously .I am not jumping on your comment ,please don't think I am ,I am only trying to clarify why it may be one of the classes .
Ann -- actually I agree and frankly, left in a room with a box of legos I'm not sure I could keep my hands off. They weren't around when I was growing up, but loved them when my son reached the 'age.' What I wonder though is what life skill a 4-h group is reinforcing. Actually, anyone with a math, engineering or architectural bent would gladly work with them, so maybe that is the answer.
KittyChris said:
Fast work on those blocks. Once they are all put together it should be stunning, regardless of what colors might look better.
But I am really writing to say I would love to come visit so I can get a taste of your almond pear tart. Yummmmmm.
You are welcome any time; I always love to have company. But if you'd like I can type up the recipe and send it.
Babalou said:
Since I piqued your interest in the button on the cardi, here is a close up picture. I think it really matches the sweater nicely. A tad pricey, I think it was around $9 but there wasn't much point in putting a cheap button on nice yarn.
Gorgeous button!!! When I lived in the San Francisco, I loved searching for the 'right' button for a garment. Of course, I have several sets on hand now -- the question is will I ever use them? And if I'm going to through out a garment, the first thing I do is cut off the buttons for reuse. So I have some that have recycled many times and that of course in addition to the proverbial button can. I have my Mom's and both my Grandmothers buttons and that probably means I have some of their predecessor's too since the family can't seem to through a button away. Any one need underwear buttons? I have a ton which I would gladly share.
linda09 said:
3 wips finished this last week. Here is the big one; Elizabeth's First gift. Yarn- Juniper Moon Farm Findley, shade malachite. A hugely enjoyable knit, I thought.
Linda -- gorgeous, gimme, gimme, gimme. Really like this one and the color is wonderful too. Nicely done.
linda09 said:
Thank you, DeEtta. Sorry you can't have it. This one is mine, mine, mine. :sm09:
In keeping with Tanya's problems, RATS!!! It never hurts to hope.
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